I love to research stuff. Any time I have a conversation with someone and I’m not 100% on the details, I’ll go look it up on the Internet. So now my obsession with research is driving me crazy 🙂

I’m really enjoying this TV show on Netflix that is a few years old (that’s if it’s not still running). Incredibly obscure, it’s not British or American. But I’m enjoying it so much that I want to research it and find out more about it, except that might mean spoilers. So I vow to watch all 100-odd episodes before I look it up.

And that’s killing me! 🙂

BBC Worldwide have published their Annual Review for 2011 which highlights Doctor Who as one of the ‘most valuable’ brands, largely responsible for the corporations commercial success.

Doctor Who was also the number-three TV series purchased globally on iTunes in 2010/11.

Wow! Very good news for Doctor Who fans: looks like it will carry on for the foreseeable future!

Doctor Who Online – Doctor Who Boosts BBC profits in the 2011 Annual Review