Couldn’t escape GDPR even at WWDC Keynote 😅

Having said that, I love the privacy-first stance Apple has. It’s a huge differential between them and Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Just witnessed a thief being chased out of Waitrose. I think he got away 🤨

Disappointed by Instapaper. They had 2 years notice. Oh well, I’ve fully switched to Mozilla’s Pocket now and will delete my Instapaper account when it comes back up.

GDPR means we get websites without tracking. This is awesome.

GDPR is an excellent step for consumer rights and privacy but the wording of it was so vague it’s caused us no end of headaches 😩

We are back from a week in the caravan, house still not sold yet 😢

When I launch Tweetbot: it remembers where I last read, I scroll down and read new posts in the correct order.

When I launch it takes me to the top, I have to scroll up and read things in backwards order.

It’s the one thing preventing me from launching as often as I launch Twitter.


We got an Apple TV 4K at last! 🎉

Very annoyed that no Disney / Pixar / Marvel movies are available in 4K. They are leaving money on the table!