Couldn’t escape GDPR even at WWDC Keynote ? Having said that, I love the privacy-first stance Apple has. It’s a huge differential between them and Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Disappointed by Instapaper. They had 2 years notice. Oh well, I’ve fully switched to Mozilla’s Pocket now and will delete my Instapaper account when it comes back up.

Ecco The Dolphin was RIGHT! A recent paper published in the scientific journal ‘Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology’ suggests that octopuses might be aliens.

When I launch Tweetbot: it remembers where I last read, I scroll down and read new posts in the correct order. When I launch it takes me to the top, I have to scroll up and read things in backwards order. It’s the one thing preventing me from launching as often as I […]

I’ve finally retired my old email address. It was a six-letter, no numbers address and I have had enough of all the emails that aren’t actually meant for me! I set up an auto response and smart filtering to manage the transition. ?

Progressive alliances are the future of British politics.

“Make Votes Matter estimates that, had this election been run under Proportional Representation, the Conservative lead over Labour would have been slashed to 16 seats. The Greens would have won 11 and our combined total, along with Labour and the Liberal Democrats, would have easily surpassed the Conservatives. A progressive government could have happened.” Caroline […]

Epic Games

When Epic Games released the computer-exclusive Unreal Tournament 2004, it was packaged with nearly one-hundred maps for use across half-a-dozen game types. Thousands upon thousands of free, community-created maps followed. Two years later, Epic Games released Gears of War, a third-person shooter touted as (and would become) a cornerstone of the Xbox 360 game library. […]

Starting with the opening gag with Siri doing stand-up comedy and continuing through to Apple’s new maps and Siri’s new features, there was an unmistakeable “Fuck you, Google” undertone to the whole keynote. Apple is forcing Google out of iOS. Daring Fireball: Three Takeaways From Today’s WWDC Keynote

Star Trek/Doctor Who Crossover Comic Due In May

Star Trek/Doctor Who Crossover Comic Due In May It’s official. And it only took five decades to happen. Yes, Star Trek and Doctor Who, two of the most popular and venerable franchises in entertainment history, will cross over for the first time ever in Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #1.