Plot holes introduced in The Timeless Children

I’ve just watched The Timeless Children (latest episode of Doctor Who) and there seem to be many plot holes. I’ve not yet seen all of Classic Who so forgive me if I miss any…


  • River Song was apparently born a Time Lord because she was conceived on the TARDIS, but that no longer makes sense because they said the Time Lords invented time travel themselves, independent of the Timeless Child stuff.
  • When Clara Oswald jumped into The Doctor’s life stream thing in “Name of the Doctor” and saw all his faces… it completely ignored all his other past lives
  • How come The Doctor and the Time Lords have the same DNA, including 2 hearts, if they are different species?
  • Also in “Name of the Doctor” it showed that it was Clara who suggested which TARDIS to steal, but that makes no sense now because he would have had to steal the one he always steals in every lifetime (as evidenced by the Ruth!Doctor having the same TARDIS)
  • Why would they always call themselves The Doctor even after lots of mind wipes? And where did it come from originally? It was pre-Hartnell…
  • What’s the point of using The Doctor for dangerous missions and resetting their memory lots of times when they could just use literally anybody else from Gallifrey? Now that they all have regeneration powers (and the limit is self imposed) they could just do the missions themselves, and The Doctor is probably the most important person to keep safe as they still don’t know where she came from?
  • The Death Particle killed them all excited why didn’t they all regenerate?
  • Can Cybermen be created by converting dead bodies? I’m not sure about that, may be a Classic Who thing. And if the Time Lords are dead how do they regenerate? That was strange.
  • Not exactly a plot hole but in The Time of the Doctor it was the Doctor’s last life, no regenerations left, and Clara begs the Time Lords to give him a new set… we now know they didn’t have to, so I guess that was just for show?
  • We may discover this later I suppose but if The Doctor was controlled and kept as their “weapon” then how did he have a family, including a grandchild (Susan), before his escape?
  • Why in all their travels did The Doctor never meet her original people?
  • What was The Hybrid all about then? All Time Lords are hybrids…
  • Also why is it “children”?

I have many questions!

BBC Worldwide have published their Annual Review for 2011 which highlights Doctor Who as one of the ‘most valuable’ brands, largely responsible for the corporations commercial success.

Doctor Who was also the number-three TV series purchased globally on iTunes in 2010/11.

Wow! Very good news for Doctor Who fans: looks like it will carry on for the foreseeable future!

Doctor Who Online – Doctor Who Boosts BBC profits in the 2011 Annual Review


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