This is like the start of a Doctor Who episode. Or The Twilight Zone…

[People around world receive mystery seed parcels](

I love screening out emails knowing they can never email me again on

I was an early adopter of GMail and managed to get a short GMail address, [email protected]

This was great until I realised how many people would sign me up to things thinking it was THEIR address ?

The email became unusable. Now for the first time I’m checking it again because it’s forwarding to [email protected] and I can screen what comes in! ?

Seriously considering shaving my head now, as hair is getting too long and there’s going to be no chance of going to a barbers any time soon…

@manton I posted a haiku on my blog and when it shared to Twitter there were no line breaks or spaces:

How can I prevent this happening again please? ?

Valve Index sold out again. Why can’t I just place an order and be put in line?? ?

I used to read comments about Classic Who with quiet curiosity, knowing that I probably would never watch it so this is interesting.

Now that I’m watching them I’m avoiding it all! Spoilers!

Can’t wait to finally understand what everyone was on about.


Why did The Timeless Child die so many times during the experiments, were they really dangerous experiments or was she just very prone to falling off cliffs?


Couldn’t escape GDPR even at WWDC Keynote ?

Having said that, I love the privacy-first stance Apple has. It’s a huge differential between them and Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Disappointed by Instapaper. They had 2 years notice. Oh well, I’ve fully switched to Mozilla’s Pocket now and will delete my Instapaper account when it comes back up.

GDPR is an excellent step for consumer rights and privacy but the wording of it was so vague it’s caused us no end of headaches ?