All my star ratings were reset when I switched computers a while back, so now I’m trying to rate them all again using smart playlists to help.

The playlists are as follows:

Recently Added 5 Stars: Self-explanatory, these are the most recent 5-star songs on my iPhone. Usually when I add an album I rate it 5-stars and then listen to it a lot until I have decided if it can stay!

Get Rating!: 25 randomly selected unrated songs. I have tasked myself to go through a list of these each day and give them a rating.

5 Stars / 5 Stars NOT Bright Eyes: My 5 star songs, the main staple of what I listen to. I also have a playlist which excludes Bright Eyes – this is because I have a LOT of their songs and sometimes I want to avoid them.

25 Most Played: My top 25 most played songs. If I keep listening to this then no new song will ever join the list, so I tend to avoid it unless I want some great songs!

Cut the crap: This is a smart playlist which takes all highly rated songs which I have either never listened to or skipped a lot. The aim is to rate them lower and thus cut the songs I no longer like from my library.

Never Played or Skipped: Some songs I have not even encountered yet (since the new computer, that is) but they are highly rated. This is a playlist for ‘forgotten favourites’ and also to rate down songs which I no longer want to listen to.

The aim is to remove album tracks which I don’t like and keep the best songs, and also remove the one-hit wonders which I added but now no longer like. This is all because I want to have great music play whenever I hit “Shuffle” and also I am very limited to space (my iPhone is 8GB and I have photos and videos on it too)

Am I too anal? How do you organise your music?


My Griffin TuneBuds (previously called EarThumps) have broken: the cable connection at the junction of the plug has become exposed, frayed and now the left earbud does not work. I’ve had it for a long time though, it has done well – I should have been more careful with them!

There’s no point me spending £54 on the official Apple In-Ear Headphones, as the best feature (mic and remote buttons included on the wire) does not work with my iPod Nana (2nd generation). I so want an iPhone!

I’m just gonna try and make do with the earbuds that came with my iPod (although I hate background noise), if it is unbearable I might try out Griffin TuneBuds FIT.

My name is Shaun and I am addicted to Podcasts!

I’m not sure if there is enough time in the world to listen to all of these…