Surgery over!

Well, I’m fine now. How pessimistic I was in that last post! LOL sorry.


I went to hospital at 11, having been told I wasn’t allowed to eat all day. Leanne took me there and stayed with me, then we were called in. The nurse, Becki, told me all about what was going to happen – and told me I was 3rd on the list for the afternoon. So lots of waiting around to do.

Leanne and I waited until 1.30pm, when finally the anithitist (sp?) came over to talk about putting me to sleep. Ugh, I hate needles but he assured me it’s nothing – lol. Had a big chat with him, I was very nervous!!

Leanne left soon after, as I was told I probably won’t be going in until 4pm ish. So I sat and read my book (“Lords and Ladies” – a Discworld book from Terry Pratchett. Read it loads of times but its one of my favourites!). I also sat there and listened to all the people around me, I’m nosey like that. Some people were there for some really horrible reasons! lol.

At around 4.30 Bekki came in and told me to strip off and get into this gown, lol. So I did, had a few troubles with the straps on the gown displaying my bum for all to see lol but soon figured that out. Then she came back, and told me to put some shoes on so I can walk over to the bed (they could have wheeled me there! pfft). I lied down on the bed and all of a sudden there were about 5 people around me. The anithietist (sp!?) was putting a needle into my hand to get a tube in there for the drip, Bekki was putting a thing round my arm, there were people putting things on my shoulders.. was all very scary. He turned on the anasthetic and I felt a cold rush up through my veins, first my hand was cold then my arm, and I was getting sleepy.. then…

I woke up. A pain in my stomach, but not the usual pain – I looked down and it had a big bandage all round it. To my horror there were red marks oozing all down my sides and on the bedding – later they told me that was just iodine though. Phew, thought I was bleeding to death! lol.
I was in a lot of pain, and I called for the nurse. It seemed like forever before she came, was about half an hour, and she gave me some pills and a drink and some toast. I ate the toast – was starving – and Leanne came to see me. I was still quite drowsy, and it was all quite surreal. About half an hour later Bekki suggested I tried to walk – it was a struggle but I managed to get up and walk around, although I was wobbly and felt quite drunk lol.

They soon suggested I went home, said I should get some rest tonight but then should do some light exercise. When I got home I checked my phone for the first time, had lots of messages from people asking how I was, in fact my inbox was filled up – thank you, kind people! I was furious though that Terry had not texted me, but after emptying my inbox the message from him arrived, which made me happier. I didn’t have any credit so could not reply to all the people. Daniel had been over, and given me some Miniature Heroes, his Mum telling Leanne “Because he’s a hero”. LOL aww very nice, thanks Dan.

Not long later, Terry came over. Being his usual sarcy self, but was also being quite nice. He revealed a few more things about what he got up to while we were split for a week – which I was NOT happy about. But at least he’s honest. Oh well. We played Sonic Heroes and then watched the first episode of “Nip/Tuck” (not too impressed by it, thought it would be better). Terry left around 11.30pm, and then went straight to sleep at home so he didn’t text me that night – I HATE it when he does that!! Grr!


Today I got up at 10am and had some tablets and breakfast. For my ‘light exercise’ Leanne suggested I went up town with her. So we went up town, got a present and cards for Dad’s birthday for when he comes back, bought some sausage rolls from The Baker’s Oven where I saw Vilius working and said hi. He was just worried about when I will be able to go out drinking again with him and his cousins!! Hehe, hope its soon!

We got back from town, had dinner, and then we had to take Tia (our cat) to the vet, as she has an absess on her ear! We got her in the car in the shoddy box our nextdoor-neighbour lent us, then she escaped from the box as we drove, so she was on top of the back seats the whole way, crying really loudly. Made me really sad, she was crying so I stroked her and talked to her to reassure her, hehe. Was a bit of trouble getting her back in the box to take into the vets, but we soon got here in there. Inside the vets only lasted about 2 mins, she had a look at the wound and cleaned it a bit, then suggested we put a dose of antibiotics in with her food. Soon we were on our way back, with Tia firmly in the box but crying her little heart out. Soon as we go in, we let her out of the box and gave her lots of attention!

So now I’m just at home, blogging, tummy still hurting but in a different way, will hopefully heal and no more pain! Hooray! In a weeks time we’re going up to the house in Colchester! Excellent, gonna be so much fun.

Anyhow, better get off now. Thanks for your concern 🙂

Shaun xx

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  1. Glad to hear the op. went well. Was it a hernia?
    I find taking cats to the vet very stressful.
    I have two, they make the most pitiful loud noises and I’m an absolute wreck by the time I get home!
    The Olympics have dragged me away from the computer (which probably isn’t a bad thing) but all the commercials are already doing my head in!!! X

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