Peeling back the bandage…

Too sad

OMG Friday evening was the worst time of my life EVER. For people who are squeemish (like Eddy) I will replace the word “blood” with “puppies”. This is gonna get confusing..

I was on the internet talking to Eddy, panicking because there were LOADS of puppies under it (LOL) and it was all drying and going pretty rank. So after a lot of faffing about, I called the hospital and they told me just to take off the bandage, clean up the puppies and put a new bandage on. Yikes.

I got in the shower, wearing some swimming shorts in case my stomach started to fall out or something and had to call an ambulance, lol. So, here goes. Taking off the bandage. Yup. Definately taking it off. I procrastinated for as long as I possibly could, and then started to peel it off. It was really difficult, stuck to my skin tight so had to get it really wet. Ok, its coming off now. I can see puppies. Fresh puppies. OMFG.

I started to cry. Yes, I’m very soft like that and this is the worst possible thing I could be doing. I just wanted someone to be there. As I peeled back the bandage more, and started to see the scar (covered in puppies) I started to cry even harder, and the action of crying made my stomach hurt which didn’t help. My sister was at work, my Mum was on holiday, Terry was not there, I just wanted someone to hug and tell me it would be ok. As I took the whole thing off, and surveyed the scar, I actually shouted out (a few times) “I want my mum!” and “I don’t like this!!”. It sounds silly recalling it now, but I felt as if I was little, and just wanted my mum to hold my hand again. Was a very emotional thing, I was genuinly afraid.

So, what does it look like? Its bigger than I thought, goes all under my bellybutton and to the sides of it. And my bellybutton looks different too, smaller. I don’t like it! Would put a picture up here but will wait til its healed LOL.

Vil came over the night before, to watch Dead Like Me. We love it. Well friday night, Vil and his cousins came over. We hooked up the multitap and played some 3 player Gitaroo Man, grossly unfair game really – even though I’m much better than them (not being big-headed, its cos I own the game) the person with a crap player on their team loses. And player 2 has a big advantage. Its terrible. His cousins meanwhile were being very funny, asking to see pictures of me and my friends on my computer.. and then laughing out loud at them lol. I hope we get to go out again before they go back home.

They soon left, and Terry stayed the night. He played some Splinter Cell, its much better on the Gamecube than the PC I think, and you can hook up your Gameboy for a little map thing. But still was not much fun sitting there watching him play. He left in the morning to go to the zoo with his friend. LOL random.

Will write about Saturday (and Sunday) tomorrow, got to get ready for Terry coming over again… its been a weird day!!

Shaun x

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