Not much to say really

I’m currently working on the display of my blog to make it look nicer. You may also have noticed that we’ve changed URL, yay we’re moving away from ShaunsSite. If you’ve got any ideas feel free to comment (altho thats not gonna happen is it)

I’ve finally had my trust in Alienware re-instated – my battery stopped working but now, one working day later they have replaced the battery and I now have a shiny new one free of charge! Makes me slightly suspicious as to why they would do this when its not in the warranty, but hey it’s good news for me!

Not much else has been happening in my life, unless you count seeing Terry for a few nights, going on the internet and watching Big Brother as interesting things. Will make a great change when we move to Colchester and I get a job and start going back to uni – although I imagine I will hate it at the time because of my laziness!!

I *did* have a lot to say, but I seem to have forgotten it all. So will end this post now! Sorry!


Tech note: I have gotten rid of the DOCTYPE on my blog because some things were not displaying properly on browsers. If I’ve done more harm than good, and text sizes are wrong etc. on your browser then please let me know!!

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