The information ‘country road’

You know you’re lazy when, after getting up and showered at 12 and going downstairs at 1.20pm you get greeted with “You’re up early today, Shaun!” by your dad. Eeks.

Last night, and indeed pretty much every night last week, I surfed the teletext late at night while watching Big Brother Live. Well I wouldn’t call it surfing, more like paddling in the teletext. You see I’ve never had a TV with teletext on before and its all quite new to me. Instead of having the internet in my room like I was used to, my only news/entertainment source is teletext and ceefax. So if the internet is the “information superhighway” then teletext is the “information country road”. Woopee.

I used the word “teletext” far too much in that last sentence.

Ahmed was evicted from Big Brother, no surprises there then, but I wish it had been Victor – I despise him so much. He and Jason should be evicted the next two weeks! By the sounds of the public, Nadia is blatantly going to win. But I’m not sure if I want her to, I mean fair enough she’s extremely brave to go on TV and announce she’s had a sex change, and Big Brother is a great way for her to start her life as a woman, with strangers who have no idea, and they really have warmed up to her. But she’s so goddamn annoying!! She argues all the time, and its usually her who starts it, if she goes 5 minutes without a cigarette she gets so moody (gives a whole new meaning to “addictive personality”) and most the time she just seems to be looking for a fight.

I’m stuck on the fence between Nadia winning and Michelle, who is definately one of my favourites – the way she ‘mothered’ Emma while they were in the bedsit, the way she is usually in control of situations (except when she threw the flipflop at Ahmed..) and just how much fun and laughs she can be. Her only bad points (in my opinion) is her life’s aim to be a porn star, and always getting her clothes off (although this must make her popular for entirely different reasons with the straight male viewers…), poor Stuart having his girlfriend flash her bits at every opportunity!

Shell is posh and annoying, and like Dan always sits on the fence (except when she’s accusing people of being sexist when they obviously aren’t). Dan is just.. slimey. But sometimes very funny. Stuart is fit but a big girl’s blouse. And thats my opintion on the housemates! Nadia will win though.

Not sure if its “the best Big Brother so far!” like everyone keeps saying, I do miss Brian and Narinda! hehe. But perhaps its one of the best so far 🙂

– Shaun

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