Its all coming to an end…

Sorry, not blogged in a while. The LAN took over my life, and then left me LANless! Read on:

The Underground LAN
This was simply the best thing I’ve done all year at uni! Around 100 people in total, with their PCs all connected up, playing some of my favourite games like Unreal Tournament, Worms World Party, XIII, No-One Lives Forever 2, heck me and Dan even played “Snow Bros.” and “Streets of Rage 2” together on the Genesis emulator! For 5 solid days, (well I slept some of the time) we were down there playing loads of cool games, watching things we downloaded (Coupling series 4!), and having a really great time.

It didn’t end there either; they had a Gamecube, SNES and Atari all linked up to a big projecter so you could play games head-to-head on a big screen with the sound pumping out the speakers. Don’t forget this place is usually a club. Then to top it off, I brought down my Playstation2 and me and Dan played one of our alltime favourite games – Gitaroo Man – on the big screen with the music blasting out. This caught the attention of a lot of people, as it’s such a weird game, one guy (Aspholt) recognised the music and was shocked, he thought he was the only one who owned Gitaroo Man! So we played him a lot. Also a lot of people wanted to have a go, this one girl played the tutorial and then the first level, she was pretty good!

We also played a lot of Super Smash Bros. Melee, Daniel trained me up a bit as I’ve not played it all that much and now I’m pretty good! Still not good enough to beat him fair and square (altho with auto-handicap on I can), but I’m good enough to beat some of the other players. My plea for him to play Lord of The Rings: ROTK with me went in vain, and he wasn’t interested in SSX3 or Tekken Tag so we didn’t play all that many games. Was lots of fun though.

So needless to say I was very gutted when it was all over Monday night. I went back home and slept for 2 days (literally, lol) and told myself I will DEFO go next year, although all the transport and sleeping will be harder – might bring a sleeping bag like some of the people there!

Photos of the Underground LAN (amoungst other LANs).

Why not buy some of the games I just mentioned? Just click the images!

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Last night
Last night Laura and I planned to go to the bar, well we ended up mostly staying round mine and drinking the vodka Jenny gave me, and chatting about random things! Towards the end of the night, around 10.30ish we went to the bar for a couple of drinks – we had the lovely Tequila Rose (altho Laura didn’t like it much this time) then I bought a vodka mudshake – after spending all year saying I would try it out! Got chocolate flavour, it was lovely just tasted like chocolate milkshake with a hint of vodka. Will defo have that again!!

Then we went back to mine again after the bar closed, and Laura got some photos of her and her friends to show me. Also in the album were some of the photos she took while Terry was staying here the FIRST time (that’s how old these photos were, altho she just had them developed) there were some really nice ones of me and Terry, and some of all of us (Laura was behind the camera, so not in most (if not, all?) of the pictures.) I’ve asked for a copy of them, or if that’s not possible will just scan them!

Apart from that, not much else has happened really – just packing and tidying and stuff. Found out just now that Mum and Dad can’t pick me up Friday so they getting me on the 24th, which cuts my plans with Terry short πŸ™ grrr annoying.

OH! And I have been selling/giving away GMail invites all week! I have just got 5 more invitations to join GMail, THE best email service. If you want one, let me know! πŸ™‚


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