Catch-up post #3: Soon this will all be someone else’s dream…

Friday night, after the zoo, was the last Cheesy Tunes of this year! How sad!

I had bought a bottle of vodka especially for this night – at around Ā£5, it is a lot cheaper to just drink some vodka before going out and get suitably drunk then not buy any more drinks that night. So before going out I drank my vodka + pepsi, got rather tipsy and then went round Jenny’s to see Jenny and Laura. We drank some more of my vodka, finishing it off, while we watched TV. Then off we went to cheesy.

Jay was wearing the same top as me!! And it was the one Katie picked out as well, lol, how embarrassing. So it was like he was avoiding me all night lol! It was definately one of the best Cheesy’s ever, they played most of the excellent Cheesy songs, including Chesney (which Jenny requested). Was very emotional, especially for Ross as he’s leaving the university now. I can’t imagine what it would be like to leave here, the first year has gone by so quickly! They finished off the night with Take That’s “Never forget”, an excellent choice for the last song, very appropriate I thought.

Never! Forget where you’ve come here from,
Never! Pretend that it’s all real.
Someday! Soon this will all be someone else’s dream…

We walked back to our flats, and had a long chat in front of Laura’s – Jenny was leaving the next day and she was very upset, she cried bless her saying “I am weak”. I think I will shed a few more tears before the year is done! Eventually we left, after lots of hugs, and our last night out was over.

The next day, Jenny was moving out and I agreed to help her with her stuff. She has so much stuff! Luckily the barrier was open so her dad could drive the car all the way to just outside our door, but we still had to maneuver lots of staircases. After lots of carrying heavy bags and getting really hot (Summer truly is here), she packed the last few things and we hugged goodbye. It’s not been the same in here without her (how cheesy lol) no-one to randomly chat to in the kitchen while making food, or to pop round and watch telly together. Will be exciting next year when we all live together!

Even though Laura and I said we would go out a lot this week, before she goes home too, we haven’t even met up once! We’ve talked quite a lot on the phone, mostly cos I was scared and panicky about all the bugs in my flat (I’ve been overrun with little fly things and cray flies… ewww) and we played a lot of Pokemon (almost completed it, but then gone off it for a while!).

Finally we’ve caught up to present day activities! Tomorrow the Underground LAN starts: 4 days of LAN-ing in The Underground, the club they usually host Fuse/Big Cheese etc. Will be very fun.


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  1. charli: perdy pics!! Glad you had fun, Im gonna miss alot of 3rd yrs too šŸ™ gonna b wierd next year.

  2. Yeah was really quite emotional on the last night out. Especially as we just found out Ross is probably moving away so won’t see him much at all. Really sad šŸ™ uni goes by too quickly!

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