Catch-up Post #2: The Zoo!

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Jun 21, 2006 – 94 Photos

I will keep the commentary here for nostalgia.

On Friday Jenny, Laura and I got up at the ridiculous time of 8am in order to go to the zoo! This is quite special for me as I’ve never been before (in my memory. Don’t kill me Mum if I’ve been before but was too young to remember). So was very excited as we rode the bus to Colchester Zoo.

Jenny really describes it well in her blog, just read this post 😉 I’ve got some pictures here, will describe them…

Here is the evil penguin that kept pressing it’s beak against the window, freaking Laura out. Then a little kid screamed and she thought it was the penguin: much hilarity ensued. Click the picture for a bigger version

Two or three of the penguins were lying on their fronts like this, looking very sick. Our first thoughts were that they were either sick or laying eggs. Then in a typical comedy moment, while we were staring at the sick penguin with its eyes really screwed up, it did the funniest projectile-diarrhea I’ve ever seen, lol.

Here are two of the penguins who decided they wanted some privacy. They were amongst quite a few Penguins who were just too darn horny to care that lots of people were watching them through the glass. Penguin sex can only be described as “very flappy and brief” (paraphrased from Jenny… lol)

Here is a rather crappy picture of the HUGE evil fish. It was horrendous, and there were more, even uglier fish in the tank too.

We watched some of the Seal doing stunts, although it wasn’t the most exciting thing really. The seal was cute though.

One of the strange cat-like tiger things. These were fighting quite viciously over some dead birds.. nice.

One of the Tigers. There was a really funny, yet sad plaque in the Tiger area that read something along the lines of “This is dedicated to (some Tiger) who tragically was killed by its mate”. It would be funnier if I remembered the exact quote.

Here’s a wolf thing. Looking at this picture now, it looks as if it was just lying there out of a cage or anything. Creepy.

There were about 3 different types of birds in this cage, and one was trying to attack the other while another one just stood there. Was quite funny to watch.

A monkey! As cute as they were (not this one), there were far too many monkeys at the zoo. It was almost as if they just put them around to fill up spaces!

A sleeping chimp! I took the picture of just it’s head because lower down was not a pretty sight LOL! I overheard one of the kids saying “he’s scratching his bum!”

These tortoises were very horny! One was trying to mount the other but was the wrong way round, so was more like a 69er! Then another turtle came up behind them, and they got pretty stuck like that!

Another monkey! This one is kinda cute.

They had a little Pride Rock (the Lion King) tribute, with a Lion and Lioness on a rock. Also in the cage were Meerkats, and the Warthogs were not far away. Very Disney!

The Elephants
The best part of the Zoo were the elephants. They had some large adult ones and also 2 baby elephants; one was 16 months the other was 3 months old. The oldest baby kept chasing birds with a huge smile of its face, was so cute. A strange thing happened where the adult elephants all stood in a protective circle with the babies inside, it showed how protective they are of their young, very sweet. Instead of making preview pics, cos there’s lots of them, just click the links to see the images 🙂

Zedonk, n. The hybrid offspring of a male zebra and a female donkey.
That’s very creepy!

Everyone was feeding the giraffes, even though it wasn’t yet their feeding time. This one had an ear missing for some reason. I never knew giraffes had suck long tongues, they are like snakes, it’s really freaky! They were friendly though.

The Ostrich, Laura thought it was Satan’s bird lol. It is kinda evil.

Last but not least, the Rhino. Not that interesting really.

So that was the zoo! Very good! As well as walk around getting REALLY tired looking at all the animals, we had a burger and chips at the Ark take away in the middle of the day. Also, waited for AGES in the heat for a bus lol. But was a fun day out!

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