Catch-up Post #1: Home! Terry! Katie!

Not posted in a week, and a lot happened. So gonna update you in several posts 🙂

OK so I went home on Saturday to see Terry over his birthday, and also ended up seeing some of my best friends too 🙂

Saturday and Sunday I just spent both nights with Terry which was nice. I gave him 2 of his 3 birthday presents – one of which I bought when I thought I wasn’t seeing him over his birthday, which I was gonna mail to him. The other was kinda weird, and I wasn’t sure if he would like it (still not sure if he likes it?). He still has to see the mini Mini which I have at uni 🙂

Bank Holiday Monday was the most eventful bank holiday I’ve ever had. At 1pm I met up with Katie! Yay! Not seen her in so long. We went straight to the Globe and had a big catch-up chat, while I waited for Katie to choose what to order, lol. Was really nice to get to talk to her again, missed her so much! She’s at home now for the holiday, and I kinda wish I was too – but still got lots planned here.

After lunch, we did some shopping. Katie wanted to get some teeshirts but in the end I was the only one to buy anything! Katie picked me out a nice teeshirt (very “Matrixy” apparently, I don’t see it). Later, when she took us home, her Mum called us “Will and Grace”. It’s kinda stuck now, heh, as it’s quite true. She also commented “next you’ll be having his babies!”.

We had some time to kill before going home, so we went to the Lattice house to have a couple of drinks and more chatting time. We organised meeting the next day to see Harry Potter 3, while we slowly got rather tipsy. Could feel it in our legs! By the time we walked back home I was actually slightly drunk at around 4pm, very unlike me lol.

Tuesday we went to see Harry Potter 3! “We” being myself, Terry, Anna Baby, Katie, Charlotte and Neil. While waiting for the film to start we all exchanged sweets and lots of jelly babies got thrown around. Harry Potter was very good – definately the best one so far – although it got progressively worse, and had quite a bad ending. But still, it was HARRY!

Wednesday was my last day, spent it mostly with Terry watching random films and things on my laptop.

on Thursday I had to get up around 8am to get loads of trains home – ugh!

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