Back at home for a while…

I’m back at home for a while now which means I don’t get much time on the internet. But as I am home alone today I thought I would go on and chat to friends etc.

So what have I been up to? Here’s a run-down:


Last ever Friends! Jenny, Laura and I got together to watch this and Big Brother, although Laura said she was more looking forward to Big Brother! BBLB was very exciting, with sexy Dermot giving us a quick flash (of the house!), and Davina making jokes about pooing on the toilet where everyone can see you… fun fun. Then came Friends, the last ever episode, but a bit of a disappointment I must say. Every moment where you thought it was sad/happy enough to cry, someone would crack a joke and ruin the mood. So I didn’t cry during the last ever one!! Although I did on the one before. After watching that, we saw Big Brother. Jenny describes it well in her blog (yes! she has a blog!) so will just quote her:

The first “guy” Marco, has a womans voice. I swear S/he used to be a woman, and is changing, or is about to be a woman, and taking oestrogen to higher voice. Then there was another gay guy who doesnt like “fairy” gay men. Then there was the homophobic. Then there was the guy who wore a thong and nothing else. The girls seem more normal…except the Portuguese transexual virgin. And “kitten” the angry lesbian who refused to go in the house untill she saw her girlfriend. On first impressions, I think Shell is my favourite. She seems the most normal.

LOL was very interesting, what a motley crew they put in there. So far I’ve only watched it about 5 minutes more, when I was waiting to go out on Monday. Anyway, I digress.

After BigB, Laura went home but Jenny and I continued to watch telly. We saw a bit of Johnathon Ross (Laura was there during that, actually) and then watched Distraction – it had Anouska, Federico, Jon and Cameron from BigB on it! Very funny watching them getting hurt (how nice of me..!)


After almost not getting up in time, I packed and got ready to go to the train station in order to get home. I met Jenny on the way out and we caught the bus together. After a long and boring train journey (especially so as my Gameboy battery ran out straight away!) I was home, and saw Terry that night. Was good to see him again, and gave him his presents etc. 🙂


Didn’t do much in the morning, on account of only getting up at 3pm! Watched Shrek 2 wirh Mum and Dad (for the third time I’ve seen it hehe, love it) and saw Terry that night too, how nice!

Monday (today)

Today I met up with Katie to “do lunch” and have a big catch up chat. I’ve missed her and her random chats! We had lunch at the Globe and then did some shopping, she was looking for some teeshirts but didn’t find any in the end, instead she helped pick out one for me! We organised Harry Potter tomorrow – yay can’t wait to go see that, and there will be a big group of us 🙂 traditional for Harry Potter. After the shopping we went to the pub to wait for her mum to finish work so she could take us home, had a few drinks and ended up getting quite tipsy (“It’s gone straight to my legs!”). Ooh and she informed me that she made me a birthday card too (in return for the fab Bday card I made her) and that the card I made her is one of her favourites (second only to one with a scottish bum on it LOL). That made me feel chuffed 🙂

So just gonna hang out online for a bit more now, tomorrow: Harry Potter! w00t!

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