Where is he?!

OK I’m starting to get worried. It’s been almost 2 days now and no word from Terry: I’ve tried txting him and ringing him. :S It may be simply he’s always at work when I call him, and too busy to txt, maybe he’s pissed off with me about the hair thing and isn’t txting, but whatever it is it’s really getting to me.

Oh, the hair thing. Terry’s haircut went wrong so they just shaved it all off. I don’t like it, I told him I’m not sure I still fancy him like it (lol, haven’t seen him in person yet so wasn’t that much of an insult) and he called me shallow! Since then, which was 2 days ago, we haven’t spoken. What a stupid thing to argue about. 😐

Was up until 6am chatting on DC++ (the place where we file-share) where I publically came out (doesn’t sound as impressive when I tell you only 3 other people were chatting to me, but hey the whole Hub was watching). Was fun, met Charli (we established she is a girl) who lives with Jay, who ‘owns’ the LGB group.

‘Lord guy the guy’ has been asking questions to do with cc161 (Robotics) in a “Pop Quiz” style and I realised I don’t really know much about it.. should do more revision. But reassuringly, no-one else on the Hub is doing any revision.

Ross has got me into Gaydar radio [Listen Live] now, I can’t stop listening to it hehe. πŸ˜€

Grrrr what is Terry doing!!! Really pissing me off now 😐

food: none yet..
activities: bugger all. should revise really..
next events: exam on wednesday!

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  1. Ummm… don’t bust me for this, but maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t a relationship about being honest and not lieing to each other, which is what you did. Ok, he got his head shaved abit, i don’t understand why they had to do it, and not just give him another style for a few weeks till it grows and for the two weeks or so, he could just say that it’s a salon style, cause like when you go to a salon, you get some weird, hairstyles, so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. But the way you write it, is like you were saying you were in love with him for his hair, and without it he was nothing, but even I know that’s not true cause your in love with each other.

    To Terry, Shaun likes you for you as a person and not just for your hairstyle. Shaun would like you no matter what you look like cause it’s what you are that he loves and you for him (think about it if it was reversed and Shaun was the shaved hair). So I think you should txt/phone, e-mail each other again and be happy and not be angry.

    Oh P.S. major sorries about last night, internet wouldn’t work, so got stuck, but it’s working perfect now, so see you later if your not revising.

    Have a cool day πŸ™‚

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