New Look Blog!

The blog has got a new look, which will be tweaked in the upcoming months as ShaunsSite steps down from being my #1 site. You’ll see what I mean.

The “Comments” system has been changed – don’t be daunted by the log-in screen, you do not have to sign up to anything to comment just select “Anonymous”. But hey, while you’re at it why not start your own blog?

Because of the new comments system, the old comments have been placed in-line with the posts for your reading convienience. Unfortunately they look odd because they go from newest to oldest, reading backwards :S

And yes my smilies are back! 😀 will try and use them more often, they add some colour to the place.

So c’mon give me your feedback! There’s now an email link on my “Blogger Profile”. Click the picture to get there (a better picture will replace it soon!)

– Shaun

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