There he is.

OK so he finally text me, after 3 days of calling him, calling his house, calling his friends. I felt like such a stalker and a loser, turns out he is mad with me about the hair. What a stupid thing to get mad about, I was going out of my mind thinking he was dead or that he was breaking up with me. Maybe he is breaking up with me I don’t know, all I have to base our whole relationship on is a few texts he just sent me while he was drunk, saying I have been “the biggest twat in the world”. About a stupid haircut.

In reply to the comment I got, I didn’t lie to him. It’s perfectly acceptable for me to not fancy him anymore, I can still love him. Besides I said that based on a couple of pictures he sent me, and was exaggerating a bit of course I still fancy him. But even his friends from work said “Terry you’re not Terry anymore”. It was just an observation, I’m not gonna suddenly go off him over a stupid haircut.

Like how would he feel if I had a haircut he didn’t like? Or if my face got mangled in a car accident? Or if I got fat? I’m sure he wouldn’t fancy me anymore, but would still love me. Those things aren’t one and the same, love is unconditional and pure, it can’t be affected by silly little things like that. And if he really cared he sure as hell wouldn’t put me through crap like this over something so dumb.

OK I’m done ranting. If he reads this he’s probably going to have another go at me for blogging about him. But I told him I do this as a form of communication: to communicate my feelings with other people. If I can’t talk to him cos he’s ignoring my calls then I’m gonna blog about him.

I’m sorry for the bad language I’ve used in this post, lol.

In other news, I’ve been revising in a kind of last-minute thing for my cc161 exam tomorrow. All I think about is: All I need is 40% and then I never need to do Robotics again. The other subjects I can try harder on, because they carry on next year (even if the marks don’t) but I have no interest in Robotics other than getting a mark high enough to guarantee no resits.

All the crap about Terry certainly hasn’t helped with my revision, and I’ve mostly been avoiding it. Also went to Tesco today, had to buy a new calculator for my exam tomorrow and also the usual food.

Apologies again for swearing a bit.


food: nothing but a few M&Ms. so sue me.
activities: revising.
next events: exam tomorrow.

4 responses to “There he is.

  1. Hmm I seemed to apologise a lot for some swearing I didn’t really do.. I edited out the swearing and then forgot to get rid of the apologies and now I can’t be bothered 🙂 sorry about that hehe

  2. Umm…. why is he sending you texts when he is drunk? Does he think the drinking is somehow going to take away the problem he has caused between you guys? I may not know much about relationships and love stuff, but I do know you are not a loser or a stalker and you definitely are not a twat, so you shouldn’t feel like that, it’s just that you care for people, which is one of the cool things about you 🙂

    Besides you guys can’t split up, you got too much on together, and you love each other way too much to let something so small get in the way. I think he should not get drunk, and go online, phone and you guys make up properly again and that he should stop being so mean. And he shouldn’t worry about you mentioning him in your journal, I’m sure if it was reversed and it was his journal, he would be mentioning you all the time as well. (What is he ashamed or something?)Plus it’s affecting your revision, so he needs to be yelled at for that as well. Not happy about you not eating, so PLEASE start eating properly again, as I don’t want you getting sick again.

    Big Hugs for you guys exams, not that you’ll need any luck, cause you’ll ace them big time.


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