Well it’s early in the morning so I’m just gonna write a few things about what’s been going on…

I went home on Sunday (awful trip, the taxi didn’t show, had to get a bus, the trains were crap etc..) and went home to have my pre-assessment check at the hospital for my surgery. Got really sick at home so had to stay all week, couldn’t sleep or eat kept throwing up – not nice BUT got to see Terry a lot. Only just started getting better really, but its good because exams soon! Stomach still hurts like heck tho 🙁 if this is a hernia I think I’m gonna sue the NHS for ignoring me for over a year about it, after all these things can be fatal if not treated quickly!

In other news, exams soon – starting to panic but hopefully should get that 40% I need to pass then this whole year can be forgotten about (it doesn’t even count towards my finals or anything) and get on with the new years 🙂

That’s about all for now, Cya


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