What an eventful day yesterday was. On the way home from Tesco I was involved in an accident. How fun.

Dan and I were walking back to University with bags full of shopping, as usual, and kept putting them down and picking them up again as they were very heavy. We were not far from the university (about 5 minutes walk) where we crossed over the road and then I put down my bags to give my arms a rest. As I went to pick them up again, my head down fiddling with the straps, I heard a loud “Oi !!” and before I even had a chance to look up, a guy on a bike crashed into me at what seemed like 100mph. As I was bent over at the time, he struck me right in the head and my head swang back, I remember shouting “F***ing Hell!” as he roared past, thinking he would carry on riding. But when I turned around I saw the guy had summersaulted off his bike a few yards from us and was clutching his face, bleeding all over the pavement.

I thought he just had a bad nose bleed, but when he didn’t get up for a few moments Dan and I walked over towards him. I had bad whiplash and my head was throbbing, but by the looks of it the biker came from it much worse. By now, there was a small croud around us (strange as it had been deserted earlier) most of whom were just there watching. But a foreign guy in about his 60s or something who biked onto the scene was very helpful, talking to the guy to make sure he was alright. He asked if it was “anything worse than just a bad nose bleed” and the guy kinda nodded his head, he was cut and scraped all over but also couldn’t get up or talk very much. A girl who also crowded round us called the ambulance, and after a long time explaining where we were she finally hung up and went. It was a long time before anything happened, and we heard an ambulance drive by on the main road, not where it was supposed to be so the old guy sent me and Dan to flag it down. Perhaps a little selfishly of me, I was annoyed that no-one even knew I was involved in it too. Granted, I wasn’t on the floor clutching my injeries but I was very shaky – from shock – and worried I might get concussion or something.

When the paramedics finally arrived on the scene, in a little police car, they took a look at him and then radioed the ambulance our position. Once the ambulance arrived and the paramedic wasn’t busy, I told him I was the one he hit and he took a look at my head telling me I could go to the hospital if I thought it was serious. I didn’t want to wait around too long, and though a bit shaky and a hurt neck I wasn’t too bad so I refused.

As they took “Chris” (that was his name) into the ambulance, Daniel overheard one of the paramedics saying he had been drinking. So riding on the pavement, not paying due care and attention, going too fast, not wearing a helmet and also drinking – this guy had done a lot wrong so perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised when the policeman who arrived at the scene asked me if I wanted to “do anything about it”. Firstly I thought he meant my injuries, and I said no, but then he said press charges and I said “Oh, like that you mean, oh no” to which the policeman said yeah he looks as if he’s suffered enough. Dan overheard again that they were treating him for broken ribs. They took a statement (more of a brief description of what happened) and then me and Dan were on our way with our bags.

As we neared the university, the police car pipped us with its horn and then pulled over to talk to me. He asked my details – name, address, phone number etc. – and told me they might get in contact. A funny thing happened then, a group of kids on their bikes rode past on the pavement (I think I have developed a phobia of bikers now) and the policeman was very annoyed; he spoke on the loudspeaker of the car “Walk your bikes please! Excuse me!” and they ignored him which was kinda funny. He asked me again, to a total of about 3 times that day if I wanted to press charges. I thought it would be a lot of hassle and he had suffered a lot more than me so I said no. Then they drove off and it was over.

When I got in I told Jenny and got a hug from her, then told my Mum who was worried about me having concussion and so asked Jenny to keep looking out for me over the next 48 hours. Ross helpfully popped up on MSN every now and then asking if I was still alive :-S Eddy kept telling me I should have pressed charges and got some money from him, and by the end of the day everyone was telling me I should have – but it’s too late now!
And that’s what happened! Will try and blog more often now, as been doing a lot more than getting hit by bikes, but thought I would blog this to save typing it to everyone on MSN!


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