eBay scam: P-P-P-Powerbook!

OMG I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

An American Ebay seller realises a European bidder is trying to scam him out of a Powerbook (fake escrow site, hijacked ebay account), so he sends him something far better, a P-P-P-Powerbook!

Basically, an eBay scammer got scammed out of lots of money in FedEx fees, in possibly the best online prank ever to happen. Check out the forum posts at Something Awful, the website and the 28-page PDF which explains all.

This was so hilarious I donated some money (ok, a buck) to the guy’s site to help with the hosting.

Thanks to Eddy for sending me the link.


One response to “eBay scam: P-P-P-Powerbook!

  1. lol, intersting scam, thanks that kept me off my resvison for at least 10 mins đŸ™‚ yay! exam in the morning….


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