OMG it’s horrible

I’m never having my window so widely open again.

Just recently I did some laundry, so I turned the heating right up and left my clothes on the radiator to dry. Well it got very hot so I opened a window – and left it open all night. Then I got the fright of my life. 😐

OK so I’m exaggerating that. Usually I’m not scared of any bugs or anything, I’m always the one to remove the spider from the bathroom, heh. But anything that flies: Moths, Bees, Wasps, etc., and I’m a complete wuss. Well, I was on the phone to Daniel at the time and a huge Daddy long-legs flew right in my face. I screamed like a little girl. I swear, the Daddy long-legs are getting their revenge for when we used to rip their legs off at school LOL. 😐

So anyway I hit that with a roll of kitchenpaper, and it was dead. Phew. Then around 3am I walked into my bathroom only to see another one. It’s lover? It was looking very angry and distraught so perhaps it knew about it’s significant other being dead. I didn’t know what to do as it was so high up, so I sprayed it with air freshener. This shook it up a bit and eventually it flew into my room and flew higher and higher up the wall. One big spray and I think I almost suffocated it, and it fell to the ground. Unfortunately in a big pile of junk. I slowly and carefully moved it around, looking for the offending bug, and then as I turned a towel around THERE IT WAS! :'( It scared the crap outta me and I screamed (although this time in a more manly, deep way) loud enough that Jenny will probably say she heard something tomorrow lol. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t dead and it flew near my pipes. So I grabbed an empty bottle of Pepsi and smacked it, killing it. Aren’t I nice!

So that was my close encounter with the bugs. Nasty little blighters. 😐

So what else have I been doing? Nothin much really. This afternoon I actually went out in the sun! Shocking! I went to walk to the shop to buy some milk (to make my pasta sauce, which was very nice) and on the way there I saw what looked like Jenny and Laura sunbathing on the green. I wasn’t sure, so standing there like a goof for a few moments I slowly walked towards them and sure enough Jenny waved me over. We sat there and chatted for a long time, about revision, the possibility of failing our first year (impossible) and about random things like Bad Girls, until it started getting cold and they went back in and I went to the shop for my intended purpose.

The pasta sauce was actually using the mix found in a box of Hamburger Helper (my Mum got it sent from some of her American friends on the internet lol) so I made it, without the minced beef (mixed in some tuna instead. I don’t think I’ll do that next time, was a bit yucky). Because there was only a small amount of pasta I also mixed in some supernoodles lol. Student meals!! Have got enough sauce in the sachet to make another batch, and have a whole nother box of the stuff as well. So that’s my “in case of emergencies” food sorted.

Planned to meet Charli and Jay for the first time on Friday, should be cool. They’re gonna meet me, Jenny and Laura at the bar before Cheesy (and hopefully can persuade Charli to come to Cheesy after hehe, guess only if she’s REALLY drunk! :)) will be weird to meet them finally. Finally? I’ve known them for like a week lol. All this not sleeping is messing with my concept of time.

Before I do that though there’s an exam on Thursday! Ugh! And then next week is full of exams but after that I will be free! Can’t wait. Will probably be going home sooner than I thought I would – like at the start of June – which is both good and bad in many ways. Good because I’ll see Terry lots yay, and because Jenny and Laura are going then so don’t wanna be here all on my own. But bad because it’s like the end of an era, the end of my complete freedom to do what I want. Sure when I live with J,L&T I will still pretty much have freedom. But not my own bathroom! LOL. I think after I move back in home, me and Terry will come here sometime at the end of June when he’s off work, cos hey I’m still paying for it, it’s some time together kinda like a very cheap hotel LOL. OK that sounded bad. 😐

I also found out today that Matty is a back-stabbing bitch. Which was nice.

I haven’t slept at all in days
It’s been so long since we’ve talked
And I have been here many times
I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong

What can I do to make you love me
What can I do to make you care
What can I say to make you feel this
What can I do to get you there

There’s only so much I can take
And I just got to let it go
And who knows I might feel better, yeah
If I don’t try and I don’t hope


No more waiting, no more, aching…
No more fighting, no more, trying…

Maybe there’s nothing more to say
And in a funny way I’m calm
Because the power is not mine
I’m just going to let it fly

[repeat chorus, fade out]


food: mmmm pasta “nacho” sauce
activities: more nothing
next events: just exams. and cheeeeesy!

7 responses to “OMG it’s horrible

  1. LOL, i just went into the kitchen to make a drink and this daddy-of-all-daddy-longless-es came flying out from a cuboard…oh i slept yesterday for 4 hours!!!! :p

  2. Can’t stand it when the kitchen is full of Daddy Long Legs!! Ewww.

    You slept!? Well done! LOL! Got an exam coming up so I’m definately gonna sleep tonight, and tomorrow night normally.

  3. lol! u shudn’t been so evil too poor daddy long legs, it is not although they bite…
    poor little things what have they ever done to hurt you… huh?


  4. I was randomly prancing in the kitchen last night at like 3am and a daddy long legs came from nowhere and like scooted after me! (I think it had lost the ability to fly??) it was well sinister.i ran out of the kitchen abandoned my cup of tea. Never going in the kitchen again without shoes/socks. I stepped on too many sticky unidentified spots.

  5. OMG our kitchen is all sticky today :-S its disgusting gonna wear shoes at all times LOL!

    Hope the bugs don’t come after me tonight 😐

  6. Haha the Daddy Long-legs! You would have died with all the flies I had in my room the other night.

    And stop plugging your Blog on my LJ πŸ˜›

    Zoo on Friday! Yay.

    Jen xx

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