Sleep is for the weak

Still not slept. REALLY should. Oh well.

Spent all night/morning chatting to Charli, Jay, Dan, Alex and a few other people in an MSN conference. Was very funny in parts, even though at some points we had very heated conversations lol. Was going to meet Charli and Jay for the first time last night except we realised at the time it was around 10pm and by the time we got to the bar we wouldn’t get served. Damn Sundays. They did invite me to go ‘sit in the shade’ at around 4pm but I had just about only got up and was watching Enders

Charli has been single-handedly bringing down the music industry by sending me mp3s of all her favourite songs, trying to get me into her sort of music. To be fair, most of it is pretty good. And some of the songs she’s sent I’ve been like “ahh, I love that song!”. So everyone’s happy. Except the RIAA.

Charli just informed me (ok, I asked) how long she’s been awake for. It’s been 4-5 days. See, she can’t even remember the exact days! That’s pretty bad. I may have the odd 36 hours of not sleeping but 5 days is just insane. Its just a few days more and she will start to lose her mind. Heh. Guess she’ll sleep soon. She could, of course, be making this all up.

Why didn’t I say what I did yesterday day time? Cos I really didn’t do all that much. Almost watched all of Friends series 2! Oh and started some revision too for the upcoming exam. w00t.

Some really good sites I’ve been visiting (no particular order):
The Philosopher’s Magazine (the games here are excellent)
Oddcast VHost (a virtual bot to talk to. talk dirty to her. she loves it) some funny things to say to her: ‘God is gay’, ‘Are you a dirty girl?’, ‘do you get a lot of sex?’.
Also, some of the responses she’s come up with are quite helpful such as “Try being more or less specific” ; “What you said was either too complex or too simple for me” and “We could be friends, Shaun, but I don’t want anyone to think we’re Robosexuals. So if anyone asks, tell them you’re my debugger”.
Our silly insomniac club and Charli’s poem for the group
That’s one evil car I especially like the cat one.
Listen to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll in audio form. Very good spin on one of my favourite books.

There ya go just some stuff to click on. Will be back with more later.


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