Well, this weekend didn’t go entirely to plan. Here’s how it went.

On Friday I jumped on a train back to King’s Lynn. The plan was to see Katie on her birthday (Fri), then be back for Saturday so I could see Jenny on her birthday (Sat). Jenny was having some of her friends stay over who I really wanted to meet, and I REALLY wanted to see Katie, not seen her in months!! So was really looking forward to this weekend. I got on the train and started to text Katie about tonight, but she could not do tonight, it had to be Saturday. My fault really, apparently she wasn’t planning to go out on her bday – we had talked about it over Xmas but that was a long time ago. So I said would stay in Lynn until Saturday, and leave Sunday morning so at least I still got to see Jenny.

Friday night I couldn’t stay round Terry’s cos his rents were due home, so just spent all day with him, and he took me home at like 1am. Had a great time seeing him, was worth the trip πŸ™‚ I spent Fri night at home, my room has been done up now, very nice πŸ™‚


Saturday afternoon I spent making cards with my sister – I had promised Katie I would hand-make a card for her. I drew this design on some coloured card, added lots of magic and sparkle, wrote something sweet inside and covered the inside in shiny stars πŸ™‚ Really was great, and is SO Katie, was really looking forward to seeing the look on her face!! Me and Leanne also made a card for Jenny, we worked on that last weekend πŸ™‚

After tea Katie picked me up and off we went! Had to make an about-turn cos I almost forgot to give her the card I spent so long making! She loved it, and as I expected she would she said “You’re a STAR!” πŸ™‚ love it when she says that. She informed me on Sunday that she has hung it on her wall at uni πŸ™‚

We went to the lattice and had a good chat – she was already fairly drunk having drank half a bottle of wine hehe, was very merry. We met up with Annie and Laura, and Neil and Adam. We were going to meet Terry at the Globe at 10, but Katie met her ‘love interest’ Lewis so we were a bit delayed. We went to the Globe and met with Terry, Katie saw lots of her friends from where she used to work, and I saw Ash (big fan of the blog apparently, hi Ash lol) and Little Laura – can’t believe she’s old enough to go to pub now! So cool. Her and Terry were getting on well, lol. Went to Zoots seperately, (Me and Terry had a “little” fight, which I thought was much, much worse than it was. Won’t go into it tho as it’s sorted now.)

Was in Zoots with Katie, she was annoyed because Lewis didn’t come with us to Zoots so we had lots of birthday drinks.. then Lewis surprised her by turning up – sweet! Terry drove me home, altho wasn’t our finest hour. Yikes. Once again, not gonna go into it. Did not have a good night’s sleep πŸ™


The next day I was supposed to be leaving, but by the time I got up there were no more trains – unless I fancied waiting until 6am to get back!! I wanted to see Terry again before I left, to clear things up (hate leaving things unresolved) so he came to mine, and we ended up spending the whole day together. We watched TV and had a cuddle and a long chat. Hadn’t eaten anything so went to Maccy D’s at around 9pm, then he went home to do some revision at around 10.30pm (hope he doesn’t fail cos of me!!), was feeling a lot better about us. And Jenny said “You can’t split up!!” lol. Found out that my sister and her fianceΓ© – who had been together for 4 years – have broken up. Was a big shock, I know I have said I didn’t like him much for whatever reason (jealousy?!) but is so sad, she was really happy with him. I think they’ll make up tho πŸ™‚

By this time the battery on my phone was REALLY running out – only expected to be there until Sat morning so didn’t bring charger, or many clothes, etc., – so really had to go home ASAP. Mum suggested I stay the night to give me and Terry more time to work things out, so I stayed at home until…


That’s today! Went to Morrisons with mum (bought me some train food yay!), and got the train to uni at 10.55am. Got back at uni at lunchtime, and saw Jenny, gave her her card and had a chat. Rang Laura to have a good chat and talk all about randomness with Terry. Talked on MSN to Ross about the Summer Ball – I REALLY WANNA GO!! – especially as it will be on me and Terry’s 11 month anniversary (why can’t it be one month later? lol) so will be really great to go with him!

Now I really should clean my room, but so can’t be bothered!! Am downloading music from the FTP, need more music!! 5GB is not enough.. hehe..

Shaun xxx

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