Back in the swing of things

Well, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things living at uni. Having spent no more than a day her over the last week and a half, it felt really odd coming back but now I’ve started cooking and looking after myself all over again, lol. I still need to tidy my room – kept putting it off because it didn’t matter, I would not be living here for a while, but now I’m back I still can’t be bothered! I have promised myself I will do it tonight.

Last night Jenny and I went round Laura’s for some Animal Crossing! Yes, Laura has bought it too – nothing will stop Animal Crossing’s spread through my friends!! I recently joined the FTP here at uni, it’s like going to the LAN every day – you can download anything you want! I currently have 22GBs of Movies – Mostly Disney films (I pride myself in being the #1 provider for Disney films on the LAN, I have collected them from many sources!), and now I have a huge backlog of things I need to watch on my computer so I can delete them – my whole hard drive is full!

Today Dan and I went shopping, and I bought a present for Terry’s birthday. A bit premature, seeing as it’s not until the end of May, but I had been thinking about getting this for him for a long time (saw one in Lynn when I came home for the first time, but already had all his Xmas presents) and I just had to get it! Dan helped me carry it home along with all our shopping, and on the walk up to my room I saw Jenny who helped me take it the rest of the way 🙂 she was impressed by it and said she wanted one hehe!

I’m gonna watch the Musical episode of Buffy again now – “Once More, With Feeling” – I love it lol.

Shaun x

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