The Last LAN, proposals, the future

The very last LAN of the year was last weekend. I didn’t participate in much of it, only staying for one night (altho that night we stayed up for 24 hours!). The main 2 reasons were: 1) Because of the file-sharing program DC++ I now have little need for the whole “file-sharing” side of the LAN, and 2) Everyone kept playing bloody Battlefield1942 which I can’t stand!!

We met practisevoodoo (thats his handle, real name is David) and played a lot of UT2k4 (Me, Efupos, Dan and David). Every time Dan and I were in a team together we thrashed! Beaz was the crappy player (no offence) so generally whoever was with him lost…

That’s all that really happened over the LAN, and now me and Daniel play UT2k4 over the LAN at night. It’s a lot of fun, we are both chatting on the phone while we play, on the same team so we work together like a team. Makes you realise that Xbox had the right idea with the whole headset thing. It’s only fun when we play against other humans tho, a couple of nights it’s just been bots and we always win.

On February 29th (the only day a woman can propose to a man.. lol..) I had 2 people ask me to marry them. The first was Jenny (“a marriage of convienience”) as a joke, I got a hulahoop for an engagement ring 🙂 Then Terry proposed! (albeit, by text). OK so it wasn’t a ‘proper’ proposal, but we’re gonna buy some rings and do it properly. It means a lot to me, and he knows that so he wants to do it to make sure we live together next year and are together forever hehe. He’ll probably kill me for blogging this!! I am gonna make him do it properly next time I see him.. hehe.. that will be March 16th!! Better wait til we gone ring shopping. I’ve been looking online, apparently there is such a thing as a gay engagement ring! There’s a choice between Ridiculously Expensive, Ugly looking, Absolutely Perfect but too much choice and Just plain Wrong. What do you think?

Yesterday while I was at the laundrette I rang Terry to have a chat. We ended up talking about the future, getting a house etc. It’s really exciting, we are both really looking forward to it! Jenny knows of someone who has a group of 4 houses, so we may be living near Greg, Dave, Jody etc. which will be cool. We really must go and see them soon, they are available from Saturday…

Anyway that’s it! Sorry for not updating for so long.. oh! And Jenny has started a new craze now, quizes about ourselves. Go ahead and take my quiz (it’ll be good practice for the Competition coming April..), and maybe even join our “Tickle Social Network”. What a strange image that brings to mind.

Seeya laters xx

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