Weekend with Terry

Well Terry doesn’t like me blogging in too much detail apparently. Is a blog an invasion of privacy? Half the people who read this don’t even know him anyway. I just like to share my thoughts, feelings and actions with my friends. No harm can come of that! Don’t know how I can blog without mentioning him, so will have to keep it brief. Any complaints, send to Terry!!

Spent Fri-Wednesday with Terry, was really good. His parents were away so we had the house to ourselves and was like a little married couple. Spent ages looking at photos of him from when he was little, was really cool 🙂 as he put it, it helped me get to know him better. Was a cute kid lol.

On Tuesday night I missed train home so tagged along with Zoe, Sarah, Claire and Terry to the Mart. Went almost all the rides and ended up feeling very sick after!! Terry saw some of his ex’s there, which made me jealous and leant to a big argument we are still going through really, been fighting for ages now I really don’t like it 🙁 Am going back to Lynn tomorrow, for Katie’s birthday should be cool. Was going to stay round Terry’s but not sure if I can now cos his rents getting back Saturday and he doesn’t want hassle from them.

Anyway going now, sorry about the short post. Will return to normal soon.


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Hmmm, where to begin….

1)Who cares what Terry likes or dislikes, your journal is nothing more than an online diary, something for “you” to express yourself within. You make it as short or as long as you want your entries to be. Besides he should feel honoured that you care for him enough that you want to keep putting his name constantly for all to see. It provides a way of showing your love for him, in a way other than texts, phone calls, messenger conversations and such. If Terry has a problem, complaint towards me, then I’m sure you’ll happily direct him towards myself. No Shaun, you keep writing your blog to your hearts content.

Question for Terry: What are you afraid or ashamed of, by having Shaun reveal your name in his journal?

2)Hmmm, not even a week after V day and your already bitten once again by the jealous bug, one thing I’m curious is how come his ex’s always seem to be around the place, I’m hoping that you are not being used as some sort of trophy to show off to everyone, and then it leads to the “Lovers” argument, which shouldn’t happen, because you both are supposed to be still on a high after V day. It kind of makes you wonder, who the real Terry is, I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s just what was supposed to be full on romance, has once again be interrupted by fighting. (Can anyone say skeletons in the closet, or maybe there is a graveyard LOL) Reminds me of someone else who I won’t mention, whom you have had a few little spats with, but then those are different altogether, LOL amazing things those shock treatments, (wonderful for curing people)

3)Since when was it a “hassle” to have a friend staying over, I mean so what if he is a “boy”, who just happens to be a “friend” I mean it’s not like his parents don’t allow him to have friends staying over is it. Besides, it would be a good opportunity for you to chill and relax, and show his parents that he has friends, and also enables you to form a bond with his family. I mean what could possibly happen.

Have a safe journey home and return Shaun.

Count [Pick one and you might not get burned alive !!!!] • 02/20/04 02:32am

1) I realised after that yes I had written something that was private to him in a little too much detail, and that’s probably why he was a bit PO’d about it. So I have deleted that. Also, he said he wants people to know him by who he is, not by what I write about him. I think he’s refferring to our friend Ross there, who reads this and talks to him – perhaps he said something?

2) Yes it kinda ruined a great weekend, but was just as much my fault as it was his (he would argue that it was all my fault lol!). We have made up now and thats all that matters. We’ll never split up over something so silly, we are stronger together than that. And we had some ‘sharing sessions’ (as I call them) and I really do trust him 100% now. No more fights.

3) He doesn’t have people stay over. His family are gonna find out soon. He doesn’t want to rub their faces in it. Which I respect.

Shaun [[email protected]] • 02/21/04 02:04pm

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