To understand recursion, you must first understand recursion

I’m posting this in my Java lab.. we’re doing about recursion and it’s doing my head in so thought: “Blog”! So what did I get up to yesterday?

Well I got up at 2pm… lazy git I know but didn’t have any lessons until 5pm. I played Zelda (Wind Waker) lots, as I got it back off Jenny. I’m actually really liking it, although there are a few niggles (like jumping, jarring) that are REALLY getting on my nerves. So far I’m up to the Deku tree.. w00t.

Daniel and I went to go to the class at 5pm… turns out it doesn’t start for a few weeks. So instead Dan came round and played Zelda with me, then we went to Tescos. BAD IDEA. I bought lots of heavy stuff (including 2 huge bottles of Pepsi Max and milk etc.) and a little while after leaving Tesco one of my bags split… then a little while later another of the bags split. Was a nightmare journey, with very heavy bags and the constant fear that my shopping would all fall out of the bags. By the time I got in it was 8.45 and I had to quickly make some tea because Jenny and I were gonna watch TV together.

I quickly made a hamburger (microwave, baby!) and got my cookies and a chees-string for a very nutricious meal, then went round Jenny’s to watch “Making Babies the Gay Way” which was really good! Actually got me quite broody lol and I learnt of Jenny’s mission to have about 5 kids, hehe.

Next we had a ‘Friends’ marathon, as I had missed most of the penultimate series (“The one where rachael is pregnant”), and Jenny has the DVDs so we saw about 3 episodes before I went back to my room. All the while Terry was texting me something SHOCKING which I don’t really wanna post here (at the risk of this becoming too rude, I will not mention it) but basically Terry and Zoe talked a lot about our sex life and I found out some things that were quite shocking, and so did she lol. We also talked about having a random baby… lol.

Anyway that’s all that happened yesterday.

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