Tonight I played Zelda a lot… and I mean a lot… Eiko had random party with all her friends so Jenny, Greg and I couldn’t get in the kitchen until late, and one of them was SMOKING IN OUR KITCHEN!!! So had tea really late, rushed it, then we went out to the SU bar!

I had 2 double vodka & diet cokes, the second one also came with one free (they said there was a fault with the machine, and for me to try it to see if it was weak. It was fine but I said yeah it’s a bit weak and me and Laura got one free.. bonus! hehe) and a pint of cider & black (love it!), then we had 2 shots each and were drunk enough to dance the night away at cheesy! Was really upset when it ended.. at 11.30pm! How crap! We were going to play Mario Party round Laura’s but Jenny wasn’t up for it, so just went home and chatted on MSN and randomly rang Terry XD!

YAY it’s the weekend XD

(by the way, XD is an anime smily. Really can’t be bothered to use my smily program to add smilies to this post (yes I made a smily program in visual basic))

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