Sweet Home Alabama

Ugh it’s 2 in the morning. So technically it’s Thursday already, but I always like to keep the posts about the day written on that day to save confusion. Am I confusing you?

Today I got up bright and early at 8.30am for my A.I. lecture. Was not too bad, talked about search strings (mainly binary trees). I hate 9am lectures tho!! The rest of the day I spent playing Animal Crossing / Billy Hatcher. Then in the evening, Jenny and I ate tea together and I had a look at the pictures she had developed, some really cool ones but not got scanner here 🙁 might use digicam to take pics of the pics or something! After tea I cut out the pictures of Will Young from my calendar to stick on my walls (beats bare walls), accidentally accusing Terry of stealing the calendar because I couldn’t find it, hehe, he had stashed it away in the top of my wardrobe. At 8, Jenny, Laura and I had our random film night, watched Sweet Home Alabama, quite a cool film. Then Jenny *tried* to watch ER as Laura and I argued about who is better, Mario or Sonic (blatenly Sonic) and the usual Sony V Nintendo debate hehe.

Grrr Laura lent me The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker to play.. was going to have a random play at 2am, I made some toast and everything, then I reaslised I had left it round Jenny’s 🙁 so ended up watching Hockey on Channel five. Random! Oh well, should go to bed really anyway.

Catch ya later,

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