“I bet you’re gonna blog this!”

Something quite big happened last night! I planned to meet Katie out at half 8, but my sister and I spent some time playing EyeToy (SO much fun, played it with Terry, and with Vil & Benas, it is a lot of fun playing with mates) and she agreed to give me a lift but had to be at 7.45 because she was driving my parents out later. So I got at the lattice at 8 and looked around for someone I knew to talk to! I saw Sarah and we chatted for a while, she wanted to meet Terry because she wanted to see if I had taste LOL!

At 8.30, Katie and Annie arrived, Terry would be back from work about 9.30 – I went to see Katie and Annie, they joined Phil and we sat down and chatted and drank! Terry and Zoe arrived, but Sarah had moved to Dr. Thirsty’s so she never got to meet him! Terry and Katie sat together on a seat, because there were not enough chairs, they always look really funny together and get on really well. I got to show Katie my new phone (NEW PHONE!!) and we took some photos of eachother! Will upload them when I figure out how :-S

We started bitching about Adam Coles (always happens when Terry, Katie and anyone from Phil’s group of friends are around) and Katie said Adam told her something about me which I had told him in confidence! I’m not going to say it here cos that would defy the point, but it’s about how I care about Katie. I explained it to her, that Adam was going to go out with her and I told him not to mess her about cos I really like her! So I think she wasn’t freaked out anymore and we had a little hug!

But that wasn’t the big thing! It’s coming soon! LOL!

We decided to go to the Globe, but we lost Phil and Katie in the process (they stayed at the lattice) which upset me a bit cos I don’t get to see her much! We had a few more drinks and chatted, Terry met up with some mates and then got all excited when Mariah came on, singing “All I want for Xmas is you” =) and then I wanted to go to the Hob – the gay pub – but Terry didn’t. I was a bit pissed off by this, as I like going there, not to mention I wanted a chance to be affectionate with him in public and that’s the only place you can do it! But it came out that he is paranoid about seeing Richard in there :-S he is the crux of our relationship, hope he hurries up and moves out of Lynn!

But later I was so glad we didn’t go to the hob! (Here is the big thing) Terry went to go to the loo and get a drink, and came back with his Brother! I had never met his brother before, and only met his sister the other day. Terry has always been saying he’s the straight, fitter one. Well he is definately straight – as Terry put it, the reason he is gay is probably because Andrew took all the Testosterone in the womb! (they are triplets!) But I don’t see the fitness, still think Terry is the best looking of the family =) Andrew definately shook my hand a bit more than I felt comfortable doing, must be a straight thing :-S lol

Anyway, was very awkward cos we went over with his bro’s friends and ex GF and I was like “yehhh, they don’t know who I am”. Well it got worse, as Andrew’s ex GF (they were in the process of getting back together) asked Terry the worst question you can ask a gay person – are you seeing anyone? He hesitated, not wanting to say no but knowing what will happen if he said yes. He told her yes and she asked him who, but his face went red and he wouldn’t tell. She took his silence as an admission to going out with someone she doesn’t like, and started naming random girls, to which he shook his head. Eventually, she asked him who and he shyly pointed at me. Her face was definately a Kodak moment! She was a little shocked, but was fine with it and asked the usual questions, how long have we been going out, how long has he known he was gay. But he specified her NOT to tell Andrew, his brother.

She went over to Andrew as I was telling Terry how proud I am of him for all this coming out =) he could have just lied but he chose not to, got a lot more respect for him now. But Terry thought he saw her say something to Andrew which made him pull a face. I assured him it’s nothing, and when she came back over she promised she didn’t say anything. After a little while, we left, and as I walked out, Andrew shook my hand again and said goodbye, then leaned closer and said in my ear “Future Brother-in-law!” !! I was shocked!

Not more shocked than Terry though, who took a while to calm down LOL. He was really worried Andrew would tell his sister, who he says would not be happy about it. I told him to text Andrew and he did. “Awkwardness! Don’t tell mum! Or holly or carl or sam or…” the list went on. He may have come out to almost all his mates but not his family yet! That’s cool tho! Don’t wanna rush him lol. Andrew rang him a little while later, Terry let me listen to what he was saying. He said he won’t use it to bribe him or anything, and he is fine about it, in fact he’s known for ages. He did the cliché “You’re still my brother, sometimes you’re cool, sometimes you’re a twat” lol. And that was it. Terry came out to his randomly straight brother and his bro’s ex. LOL.

Later that night he text me, “Guess we have to get married now! LOL!” We always joke about getting married but I have no idea what he thinks of it. I’m still not sure if I believe in marriage lol, besides a legal thing and a way of making sure we stay together, I don’t believe in all the religion. Plus it’s probably way too soon to even think about that lol. It started off as a joke, cos my Mum used to complain that he always came round. I’d say “Leanne has Nigel round all the time!” and she would reply “Well they are engaged!” so I said Terry and I should get engaged lol. But it’s grown on me lol. I definately think our relationship is strong enough for something like that, especially if we are talking about living together. Maybe if we’re still together on our 1 year anniversary I might propose to him! LOL! Altho HOW GAY are gay weddings!! And when are they going to be legal?

That’s enough rambling!! And Terry will probably read this and think WHAT! LOL! Embarrasing! Oh well!

– Shaun

First Semester Coursework Marks

cc151 (Java):
98%, 91%, 100%, 100% [AGG = 97%]

cc153 (Logic):
86%, 78% [AGG = 82%]

cc111 (Maths):
52%, 73% [AGG = 63%]

cc171 (Systems Engineering)
73%, not marked yet

Overall, not too bad!

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