At home with the Robinsons…

Well, I’m home! Dan’s parents came in the morning and after some frantic packing we left. I forgot a few things, just like I thought I would.. the mains plug for my PS2 rendering it useless (well, haven’t got a TV anyway so pointless bringing it really). On the drive home, Dan and I watched Finding Nemo on his laptop (with no sound to conserve batteries.. we had to do the voices ourselves! Not too hard though as we’ve seen it 100 times!). First thing I wanted to do was see Terry, was so good seeing him again! And I *finally* ordered my new phone from O2… turns out it WAS the firewall that was stopping the website from working! So now I’m skint! Was worried that I can’t afford to buy credit over the holiday AND go out, then I realised I get £30 free credit with my phone! Disaster averted! Won’t get it until around Wednesday-Thursday tho.

Mostly I’ve been downloading songs while I have the chance, and watching the films I got from the LAN (Fight Club, Cabin Fever, Ocean’s Eleven, lots more!). I’m still missing the freedom of university, keep getting nagged at here! But at least I don’t have to cook my own food LOL.

I’ve bought most my presents for other people, just got a few left to get which I’m going to get from town sometime this week!

Anyway, I have songs to download!

– Shaun

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