Bonus post! How lucky!

I didn’t even mention Secret Santa! I bought the present for my happy blogger, got her a book from her wishlist. I always buy them something cheap, afterall I don’t know them and they don’t know me.. they are going to be grateful for whatever I buy them, and every year I get something really cheap like a book. Well this year (yes I’m the kind of person who goes looking for what they got for Xmas.. and helpfully Amazon can show you which things have been bought for you) the kind Secret Santa has got me “EyeToy Play & Camera”!! That’s like Ā£30 worth of present! My faith in Christmas cheer has been restored!

Of course, it’s possible someone else bought this for me (like family? friends?) and I could be making a fool of myself here and ruining an Xmas present. Oh well!

Another chance to plug my Wishlist! Go on, you know you want to buy me something…!!

Gotta go watch the Osbornes! Was gonna go out to Cheezy Tunes with Laura or something but she is at the cinema! Seeing Elf! Cos she didn’t know there was a Cheezy Tunes on now! Made me upset šŸ™

– Shaun

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Omg that is sooooooo sickening!

osama bin ladin ā€¢ 12/13/03 07:37pm

Hey Shaun, thanks for the giftie! Of course its ok that you bought me the cheapest thing on my wishlist..I mean you are a student afterall and shouldn’t have any money. If you do however have lots of money..then you can always buy me some more stuff later šŸ˜‰


Becca [[email protected]] ā€¢ 12/13/03 07:40pm

I think its really cool, this whole secret santa thing.I bought a CD for some kid in Newcastle who was having a shit time of it lately and restored some Christmas cheer in him. I will definately do again this next year. p.s. these (LS) books are really great, if you ever fancy reading them.

Becca [[email protected]] ā€¢ 12/14/03 02:54pm

Took me and Dan ages to choose which one to get for you because didn’t know which ones you had, and they are in some kind of order! LOL! But glad you liked it, Secret Santa is cool it’s my third year now šŸ™‚

Shaun [shaun[at]shaunssite[dot]co[dot]uk] ā€¢ 12/21/03 11:44am

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