Christmas.. Blogged!

Well this is Christmas.. but what’s been happening?

Xmas Eve

On Christmas eve, I went out that night with Terry 🙂 when we were first driving to town, he asked where we should go. I suggested the Hob in the Well (gay pub) and he said no, “it’s too seedy”. So we went to the Lattice. Was greeted by a very drunk Annie yelling “Shaun!!” (with mistletoe!), also there were Jamie, Sophie, Jack, Pat, the lot. Someone who used to be in my year was sitting opposite me, whispering about me to Annie which got me scared lol she was asking how she recognised me.

After a while, and a few drinks, Terry decided he did want to go to the hob afterall! Which made me happy cos I really like going in there, where we can hug and kiss and be couply in public! Altho it really feels like everyone knows about us now which is cool, when we were in the Lattice Annie would ask us how we were and when we left she said “bye lads” it was funny.

As we drove in the Hob car park, we looked for Richard’s car to make sure he was not there – didn’t really want him spoiling the night. No car, so we went in and stood by the bar. Matty was standing there, and he blanked us, simply saying “Bye!” to Terry and turning around. Charming! But when Terry went to the toilet, I went and said hi to Matty, we chatted for a while and it was obvious he still did genuinly want to be friends. I found out Matty reads my Blog (hi Matty! lol) which is random, I keep finding out people who read this and it’s quite scary really! hehe. If only they would use the “comment” feature lol.

Sitting at the table behind us was.. you guessed it.. Richard. Actually you probably don’t even know who he is, unless you are Matty or Terry but oh well. Basically, Richard is Terry’s ex (if you can call it that, they were only together about 2 weeks) and he, along with Matty and some of my ex’s, have been trying to split me and Terry up for a long time now, first saying I cheated on Terry then saying Terry cheated on me. But it’s all out in the open now, and even Matty admitted it wasn’t true, which made me respect him quite a lot. He can be a bitch sometimes but at least he’s nice about it and admits it lol.

Terry was obviously annoyed by Richard being there, as he is quite paranoid about it. I was talking to Ben, a friend of Matty’s and Terry’s “blind date”, and once Terry had moved out of earshot he said some very nice things about Terry, that just by looking at us two he could tell Terry had changed and was really into me, and said Terry would never cheat on me. Which made me happy!

Richard was texting me, asking to go outside to talk to him. I told Terry where I was going and only meant to be a few minutes, ended up standing outside the door (afraid I would get locked out lol) talking to Richard for ages. Later it came out that he “really likes me” and wants to go out with me if me and Terry split up.. ladies and gentlemen we have a motive. Terry sent Matty out to check up on me and see what we were talking about lol then he stormed out, saying he was leaving.

I followed Terry and we got in the car, he was pissed off that he was being accused of cheating again (Richard’s favourite line is “Alice/Rachel/Rob says he’s acting straight as ever, and says he’s got a girlfriend!”
We talked for ages outside my house, where I always refuse to leave until we’d got everything sorted lol I didn’t there to be anything wrong between us at the start of Xmas.

We chatted for a while and were soon happy as larry (Terry always remarks that what I call “a fight” or “a domestic” is really nothing at all, and I guess he is right lol. We’ve never really had a fight.)

The next morning was Xmas day!

Xmas Day

I woke up about half eight and wondered what was going on! Usually we would have all our presents unwrapped by now! lol so I got everyone up and soon we were downstairs unwrapping presents. As well as a few presents I got some money… Mum was making it out she’d got me enough money to buy some clothes and a new TV, but I got £40 off her :-S added with other Xmas money, I got £100 altogether, enough to buy a TV I guess. And got Bad Girls series 4!! w00t!

Christmas wasn’t Christmas without the Wraiths. Normally we would spend Xmas with my Mum and Dad’s friends, we would go there on Xmas day and they come here Boxing day and vice versa next year.. but as they moved house they cancelled it this year. So Xmas was rather boring really. And to take the biscuit, I had planned to see Terry on Xmas day, but Mum said “no-one comes round Xmas day, not even Nigel (Leanne’s fiancee, will talk about him in a minute) which really pissed me off. She doesn’t take my relationship seriously. I got her to allow him to come round after tea.

We had Xmas dinner, pulled some crackers, watched some TV.. later we had tea, as usual it was a buffet of snacks and things. Terry came round at 7 and we went to Vil’s at 8 (at least his parents don’t mind us coming round!) was really fun at vil’s, we played Mario Kart Double Dash (which Benas and I won, as usual hehe we make a great team, shouting orders at each other.. “Throw the shell!” “Pass it to me then!”) We played Billy Hatcher which no-one really understood but me.. I won when it came to hatching but Benas was best at Survival lol.

We went home, and I texted Terry until I fell asleep.

Boxing Day

Boxing day has been pretty uneventful so far. We watched TV, watched some videos (Uncle Buck, such a classy film, and “The best of the Royle family” – excellent comedy). Nigel came round for tea. OK here’s my rant about Nigel.

I really can’t stand him. To be fair to him, he’s never really done anything wrong, in fact he’s pretty much the ‘perfect fiancee’ Leanne could have. But that’s what really pisses me off, it’s more that I can’t stand what he represents. Now I’ve said before that Leanne is “the favourite” and it’s blatently true. My family embrace him as if he was part of ours, and they get on with his parents yadda yadda. I’ve never had a relationship where that happens, and I never will. Mum tells me a load of bull about how none of my boyfs really talk to her, or whatever, but it comes down to homophobia. Not many people know this but you don’t have to go around beating people up or disowning family members to be homophobic, just as bad is if Mum completely excludes me out of anything cos I’m gay. She’d never, for instance, invite my boyfriend round for tea, or to a family event. It’s because she is ashamed of it. And she really doesn’t take my relationships seriously. She says things like “Leanne and Nigel have been together for years” but everyone has to start somewhere, me and Terry can’t start having been going out for years tomorrow if you get what I mean. She doesn’t understand how serious I am about him, he’s not just another boyfriend who I’ll dump in a few weeks, I’ve known him for over 2 years (albeit it’s more like known of him) and have been going out for 6 months almost. Does it take an engagement ring to prove you love someone? No. Come to think of it, if we do get married (however farfetched that may sound now) who would go to the wedding? I can hardly see Mum, Dad Leanne and Nigel there! And yes I know Mum’ll probably read this, as she reads my blog, maybe it’s for the best – it’s a good way to tell her how I feel. If this carries on, in the future when I’m living with my boyfriend (not gonna say Terry, don’t wanna jinx it lol) then maybe I’ll disown my family – I’ll do that before I am told he can’t go somewhere with me any day.

End of rant, I’ve caused enough distress today already! LOL! Merry Christmas!

[ Past Comments ]

Yes i was reading your Christmas Eve was a good night out and quite eventful.It was nice to see you 2 again!. Im glad you came in anyway because you can’t really avoid the place – and the drinks are cheap! woo-hay. It s hard when you go out and you have to see ex’s you have fallen out with. But i suppose everybody has to get along( it makes life easier). Like i said in the pub , Terry has changed and you can see that from the 2 of you being together. Hes Happy with you and when he was with me he was morbid lol and Happiness is a good thing.Whatever anyone says really doesn’t matter.I suppose much of the gay scene anywhere else is all the same.For the comment i was trying to split you up
(as i said in the pub) i had not seen you together before but now i can see that things are different. I know im a bitch 🙂 but what gay person isn’t. I basically say the things everyone else is thinking.Everyone is not perfect and has their bad points. But i know i have my good points as well(like going out to see what was happening outside) and (saying sorry because i knew i was wrong). Anyway thats enough of my droaning on. I thought id put my comment in lol. See u soon Me x

Matty [[email protected]] • 12/28/03 02:02pm

Yeah… tell Richard that! LOL the little shit is giving us death threats now!

Shaun [shaun[at]shaunssite[dot]co[dot]uk] • 01/02/04 11:56am

Hi Shaun – surprise, bet you never thought u’d see a response from me!!! Just wanted to say Xmas wasn’t like Xmas without the Robinsons either!! Seemed really odd not to see any of you at all over Xmas. For the record, I was semi-joking when I said Xmas was cancelled – partly true cos I don’t have a dining table big enough for all of us now – all u kids r growing up and what with everyone (apart from you & Will) working – there isn’t enought time to fit everything in anymore! Then I thought ur mum said they were gonna try and get away over Xmas (I may have even dreamt that! – my memory is sh*t these days lol), so it all got canned totally.
Don’t see ur mum and dad much these days either……………..but for the record, us lot in Grim have no probs with ur choices in life – as you know – though it would be nice to actually MEET Terry!!! You’re ALL always welcome here – so …….you know the rest.
Happy New Year and take care.
Mags xx

Mags • 01/02/04 11:13pm

RANDOM! LOL but thanks 🙂

Jaimie did invite us round when I’m back some time in February.. lol!

Shaun [shaun[at]shaunssite[dot]co[dot]uk] • 01/05/04 08:04pm

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