Blog Update – Illness! [1/12/03]

After getting back to university, I realised I was really sick! Figured I caught it off someone in ‘Lynn (probably Terry, had most contact with him..) as everyone in ‘Lynn had had the flu ages ago, and I was over here! I’d never had the flu before, I’m telling you it nearly killed me! This week is kinda a blur cos nothing happened apart from me lying in bed moaning that I was gonna die! A trip to Tesco with Dan nearly killed me, when I got in afterwards I just threw everything on the floor and collapsed in my bed! I made chicken & mushroom soup then only ate half of it before it started going manky in my room and making me feel even more ill! But then Thursday morning I had a pleasant surprise…

Terry texted me in the morning saying he didn’t like me being alone and ill, and that he got some tickets and was coming to see me! How shocked was I!!! It motivated me to get out of bed, clean my room (which was a mess) and generally sort myself out for when he came. When he got here, he was being really sweet, I still had not got over the fact that he dropped everything, got some money from his overdraft and hopped on a train just to see me because I was ill! It was only about 4 days after I had last seen him, but he said he was missing me so much and kept saying “I wish I could come see you”, and then he realised he could come see me, so he did! It certainly made me feel better, and even though I told him I was “in no fit state to entertain” we still had a good time (although he stressed he only came to cheer me up) and another “landmark” thing happened.. lol. Just wish he could have stayed longer than 1 day and 1 night!

Since Terry’s visit I’ve been getting much better, hopefully should be perfectly fine in time for the Xmas party on Thursday and going home on Saturday!

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“A trip to Tesco with Dan nearly killed me”
And I would have gotten away with it too…

Dan • 12/08/03 10:59pm

Grrrrs a plenty.
Well done for commenting, though.

Shaun [shaun[at]shaunssite[dot]co[dot]uk] • 12/09/03 11:56pm

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