Tests, Assignments, Deadlines!

Yes I’ve finally updated my blog so you can read about what’s happened to me over the last week, including going home and getting ill! Read it below (but make sure you read in the right order, The Weekend Home, then Illness)

This is the last week of university before Xmas! Yeah baby! Unfortunately I have a Maths test tomorrow, and work to be handed in on Thursday and Friday. So the last week will also be the busiest!

Today I was going to go to the Medical Centre cos of a pain I’m getting, but got up too late and would of had to make an appointment. So I’ll either go tomorrow or not at all if the pain goes away. They’ll just give me paracetamol anyway.

Pat came round mine and watched Queer as Folk cos he’s wanted to watch it lol. He was disgusted by some of the ruder scenes, but loves Vince who he calls “A nice gay!” and says so I’m not the only one. lol.

I’m going to go and cook some tea now, ciao.


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