Blog Update – The Weekend Home [28/11/03]

After counting down the days for weeks, it was finally time to go for a weekend at home! I couldn’t wait to see Terry, Katie, Anna, Vilius again, and was excited about who else I would see at the Lattice! I had my tickets ready – 1.45 at Colchester Town station. After handing in my assignment for Java (and getting 100%! w00t!) I headed back home, had some toast and packed a bag. It was a HEAVY bag and I also had to take laptop home! (for Finding Nemo) so was weighed down by all the stuff. But happy!

I waited for a bus, cutting the time fine (had about half an hour before train leaved) and then took the bus to Colchester. I walked to the train station and to my horror, it was the wrong one! The lady at the travel agents had told me to get the wrong station, was supposed to be at Colchester North – about a 15min drive away! I was distraught, and ambled in the general direction of North, only to come across a bus with “North Station” written on it! I tried flagging it down but he wasn’t interested, ended up chasing it for about 5 mins! Until it went into the bus station πŸ™ outside Gala Bingo I luckily came across a bus and asked it “Do you go to North Station?” Lo and behold it did! So I paid up and got on.

Having never been to North Station, I didn’t realise when I was at the stop, and he didn’t bother to stop, so had to get off later! Was like thanks for nothing!! So I ran into the station, thinking surely I’d missed the train, but thank god, it had been delayed. By about 10 mins. I got on the train (lots of confusement, as the train was in 3 pieces, each going to different places) and after about another 10 minute wait it set off – but I was so late I was going to miss all the connections!

When I got to Ipswich, I decided to get a train to Cambridge as it would be quicker. Waiting in Cambridge felt like forever, I had to wait around for like an hour. I started playing “count the red things” and other annoying games you play when you’re bored. It was getting really dark and luggage was getting really heavy, but after a very cosy journey (very close up to other people, practically hugging) I finally made it to the station where I was meeting Terry, and got in the car πŸ™‚

Terry was wearing his bro’s jumper and lookin DAMN fine if I do say so myself lol. I was in a bit of a mood, having just had another nightmare journey (they always are for me!) but he was making me giggle, playing Mariah’s “Merry Christmas” album (so funny) was really happy to be with him again! He dropped me off at home, and went to see some mates while I went in to greet my parents.

My front room is completely different now! There’s a new door which opens a different way around, a new carpet, new lick of paint, all new furniture… it’s like a totally different place! Felt very strange to be home, and little things like the taps in the bathroom, and the toilet paper, well freaked me out! And my room was different, half way thru being painted, I have much less furniture and a futon instead of a bed (so sleeping on the floor) it’s madness!

I caught up on some gossip with my parents (Leanne was in France with Vibe FM) and had something to eat (chips… yay. lol. The people at the fish and chip shop had missed me lol) and then Terry came back round. We had some hugging in my room, and started watching Finding Nemo πŸ™‚ !! Two bits in particular made him giggle like a little girl (“I’m H2O intolerant” and “Aww you guys made me ink!”), he was loving it! After a little while, Vilius came round and we started watching it again from the start, chatting in between funny bits (which was getting on my nerves lol).

After Vilius left, Terry had to leave not long after. One thing I do NOT like about being back home was the loss of freedom! Wish Terry could have stayed over, or at least until after 12 lol. Made me feel like I was being treated like a child.

That night, I had Richard and Matty calling and texting me saying Terry had been cheating on me with some girl. It was really annoying because a tiny part of me was getting paranoid! And they hadn’t even got their stories together correctly, it turns out James started it all with a rumour that Terry was going out with a girl when we had just started going out! Which is of course bollocks. So the whole thing was a lie, Richard was trying to get back at me (again!) and Matty was complaining cos I don’t talk to him now I’m with Terry. It was more that I just forgot to talk to him rather than Terry ordered me not to, lol. So that was not a good night. I stayed up watching Cruel Intentions, classy film.

Saturday I went to town (in the RAIN) to Wilkos, to see about getting my job back and to chat to Emily-Jane! Had a little welcoming committee was funny, was chattin to all my old work buddies! Made me feel well happy! I have to ring the manager about getting work over hols, which I haven’t done yet, you’ll see why in later posts. Went to Morrisons with Mum and Dad, they bought me lots of chocolate! Yum!

Saturday night Terry came round at about six, and then later we picked up Vilius to go to the Lattice!! When we got there, Katie and Anna were already upstairs, sitting in the corner. Was so good to see them again, gave them both a big hug! Then I bought a round of drinks (how great am I) and we chatted! Everyone is doing well, we all agreed to go out again over Xmas! Didn’t drink much, only spent around a tenner. Oh and I forgot to say, I saw more people at the Lattice like Ash, Stevie, Ben Johnson, Luke Graham, Sarah, Gemma, etc! Was cool! We went outside the Globe later, Anna had to go home so was meeting her cousin and Terry, Vil and I were going to go to the Hob! Cos Vilius had to go home soon so that meant, of course, we had to go too! Felt really bad leaving Katie but she was with Annie!

Getting Vil in the Hob was really funny, you could see he was scared! (Hob is a gay pub) and Terry’s Media teacher was there! While Terry was talking to her, Vil agreed I should go and stand by Terry so I did, and Terry was blushing loads! I was nagging him to come out to her, lol, as if she didn’t get the hint, but he was saying he will come out when he is ready. He’s out to most of his friends now, which is really great, can’t stand being closeted!

We drove Vilius home, and me and Terry had one of our long in-the-car chats! We always have little chats in the car it’s funny! And sometimes if we are having a disagreement I don’t like leaving until it’s sorted out! So I was in his car until about 1am lol. But we were happy again by the time I left, and texted each other that night.

Sunday after he finished work, Terry came round and we watched Finding Nemo again! Was a little bit emotional cos I had to go home the next day! So we were just enjoying being together! Went to bed quite early that night, cos early morning the next day.

Monday Mum took me to train station at 9am and I got train back to uni! Was quite a random journey again, I had about 30seconds to get on a train to Colchester Town station, so I asked this nice old lady which direction to go! We ended up going together, and thankfully the train was delayed! Then I spent the whole journey hearing about the good old days and where she used to live! The guys next to me were smoking and sniffing poppers on the train!! That’s really bad. I got off at Colchester Town and Pat & Steve were there to pick me up. I was coughing a lot and feeling really weak, I put it down to loss of sleep, but it was worse than that!

More coming soon!

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