The Shining?! *sigh..*

Today I have mostly been doing… sweet FA! Feels so good to be a student lol. This morning I was rudely awakened by Daniel, who was playing The Sims for the first time, and I started playing it too and carried on playing until 4pm! Then, to my delight, I realised it’s the day the clocks go back so I had another hour to kill!

We went to the computer lab to work on an assignment – harder than I first realised but not too impossible, gonna ask for a bit of help in the lab on tuesday – and downloaded some stuff while I was there šŸ™‚ Went to the LAN to ask the ‘experts’ at the MGS about why my internet connection is so slow.. apparently the backbone has broken in the South Courts and they’re fixing it soon.. Woohoo!! Hi-speed here I come! We also discussed with someone the chances of getting a Tunnel, so we can play online games, and he said he would offer us one for Ā£5 a month! That’s not too unreasonable seeing as we get broadband for free anyway, and it’s TFC baby!!!!

Tonight we watched the rest of the 100 scary moments, and as you can see by the title of this post I was very disappointed that The Shining was #1 (the famous “here’s johnny” quote). Why oh why was The Exorcist only at number 2?? I think it’s much scarier having some kind of monster or possessed child rather than an axe weilding maniac, but maybe that’s just me..

After the top 100 we watched The Little Mermaid. Quite a contrast there, Jenny made us promise we could watch a Disney film afterwards to lighten the mood, didn’t want to go to bed scared!!

Now I’m gonna play some Sims before bed.. this weekend has felt like an eternity (in a good way!) I don’t wanna go back to doing lectures!! BUT.. only 11 days until I see Terry!! šŸ˜€


food: breakfast, lunch: cheese on toast, tea: turkey breast + chips + peas
activities: the sims, assignment, top 100 scary
next events: monday ‘barely legal’ night (probably not going), friday: halloween! (still need costume)

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The shining is the greatest.

Dan ā€¢ 10/28/03 09:49pm

i would have to agree with dan on this one! the shining is the best film ever! after glitter of course

terry ā€¢ 10/30/03 10:49pm

lol @ glitter

Shaun [shaun[at]shaunssite[dot]co[dot]uk] ā€¢ 11/03/03 02:31am

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