LAN JAM (pt. 2)

We ended up leaving the LAN party at around 5am… a new record for Dan! And got loads of new games, my favourite being The Sims Platinum!! Gave it to Jenny and soon Laura, we are so gonna get into it again and be anti-social! But was telling Jenny about all the cool stories I make and getting inspiration for new story ideas! It’s so much fun, can’t wait for The Sims 2!!

Today we participated in the Unreal Tournament 2003 tournament, and I came 6th/12 in the first game (putting me in the winners tournament) and then 5th/6 in the winners tournament! Sounds crap, but some people were in clans and probably played it every day, they were SO good! (PS Dan was in the losers tier and came second ie. 8th/12. I’m not bragging. Not at all.)

Tonight we (me, Jenny, Laura, Dan) watched the first part of the top 100 scary moments, Jenny was getting well scared!! We then talked about nightmares and things (almost the exact same talk I had with Dan) was really cool and I was getting all afraid again hehe. I love being scared, even though I hate it, it’s such a weird, primal emotion it’s cool!

After Dan and Laura left, me and Jenny had more random chats! Cos I always stay behind a bit later seeing as I’m only down the corridor! Gettin on really well, we were chatting about childhood and fave TV programs and stuff was wicked! She told me she will love me forever cos I gave her the Sims.. hehe.

Gonna go play the Sims now! Got an assignment for Tuesday! But done 10/13 of it!

– Shaun

food: breakfast, lunch: CHEESE TOASTIES!!, tea: chips + onion rings
activities: LAN JAM!!, 100 scary moments, The Sims
next events: monday ‘barely legal’ night, friday ‘halloween night’ (need costume)

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just go as yourself to Halloween, no-one will notice, and hey you’re usually a horny devil….

Nick [[email protected]] • 10/26/03 07:36pm

Harsh! But fair… 😛

Shaun [shaun[at]shaunssite[dot]co[dot]uk] • 10/27/03 12:40am

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