Some people absolutely infuriate me with their stupidity

Me: How can you, as a gay person, support these [religious] people who have an anti-gay agenda?
Him: Everyone is entitled to their opinion!
Me: Yes, certainly. But these people are rallying against gay rights. Human rights. Their beliefs should not affect other people.
Him: You should respect other peoples views even if you don’t agree!
Me: Actually, no. They can believe what they want—they are entitled to their beliefs. But they should not try to limit others’ human rights with their anti-gay agenda.
Him: But if others are making a case on one side it’s up to others to counter that argument. Tha’ts democracy! In a good democracy, the right thing will win out, what ever that is.
Me: Do you think the majority should be able to vote on the minority’s human rights? Do you think if someone offends you, you have the right to squash it out? Do you realise these are the justifications for slavery, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.?
Him: My opinion is irrelevent, I am just saying that everyone is entitled to have their own! End of!
Me: /facepalm. You are failing to understand everything I am saying. It is funny how the religious people who *demand* respect and tolerance of their beliefs are the ones who, historically, are the most intolerant (not just to gays, but to all rational thought and inquiry).