Another great nite out

Friday night Vil invited me out again. So off we went.

Vil had invited Terry, but he said he was too tired to go out. Then a little while later he texts me saying he’s going out with his friend Alice, cos he forgot that he promised he would go out Friday nite. He also said if he bumps into me, he won’t talk to me. Can’t take much more of this.

I got ready and then Vil was at the door, we walked to where his cousins are staying, and got in the car – I was squashed up in the back again, hehe. Once again they were all talking foreign for the whole journey, with Vil translating. They then said they would talk in English as much as they can so that I can understand. Yay!

We went straight to the lattice, and like the perfect gentleman I let the women walk in first. As soon as they went through the door, we heard “hubba hubba!” and some wolf whistles, lol. Then me and Vil followed them in and there were some disappointed voices “ahh, there are the blokes”. They really think me and Vil were going out with them? heh.

There were no tables big enough for all of us so we went to the eating area. It was really hot in there, and we were away from the window. Shaun was there (used to go to my school) and called me and Vil greedy (“There’s 3 of them and only 2 of you!”). LOL we couldn’t put up with them, and the heat, all night so Vil and I went to look for another table. Sure enough, there was one near the bar and next to a window so off we went.

Vil and I ordered the first lot of drinks – vodka & redbull and a shot each, as usual. Except instead of getting double Vil accidentally ordered single vodka & redbull. So after we’d drank all that, we got a pitcher of double. Lee McCowen (used to go to my primary school) turned up, and instantly was attached to us because of the ladies. He gladly agreed to take pics of us with one of their cameras, and then stayed around us most of the night! We ordered more drinks, the barman was letting us have triple and even quadruple vodka & redbulls (eight shots in one pitcher) even tho he’s not really allowed to. We had some tequila the ‘proper’ way (salt and lime included) which was nice. Lee was drawing pictures on his phone (mainly of breasts and penises) and showed me some funny videos he saved on them. He then went on to tell us of funny predicaments he’s been in and stuff like that, all flirting with the ladies heh.

I was talking to someone at the bar about Big Brother and was devistated to hear that Michelle got evicted. I really liked her!! And gutted that I missed her interview. She so should have been in the last week, she’s defo more entertaining that Jason!!

Vil told me to ask the barman for “the strongest thing they have”, as they had no absinthe, and offered to buy me one if I ordered it! So the barman (and Lee’s friend Mark) suggested this rum concoction.. Wrays & something. We ordered it but wished we hadn’t afterwards, the smell of it made my eyes water it was horrible. A few of the girls refused to drink it, and instead poured theirs into mine and Vil’s glasses! So ended up having like a triple shot of it. It was about ten to 11 and the Lattice was empty, so we moved on to Zoots. Lee pulled me to one side while they were in the toilets, saying “I know I haven’t been the best of friends to you lately, but do me a favour..” searching his phone for his number to give to his favourite of Vil’s cousins. Geez. I took his number, and told Vil about it – they didn’t wanna know. So I didn’t do anything about it. Sorry Lee!

Diana and I had free tickets to Zoots, but only before 11. So we went off in front of the others (we ran, lol) and got in just in time. Vil and the others followed shortly afterwards. I was texting Terry (as I usually do when I’m drunk) and asked where he was. He sent a text with just one word in it “Diva”. Vil pointed to the textboard and there were lots of messages mentioning “Terry”. Not convinced, but a bit suspicious, I asked Vil to go look for him. Another text appeared mentioning “Terry B” and then when terry sent a text to it – and I matched up his phone number with the last 4 letters shown on the board, I knew he was lying and was actually in Zoots. What a twat. Vil returned, pointing him out and I went over there to talk to him. Can’t remember what I said, just the usual why did you lie AGAIN, etc. Really pissed off. He was with Alice and I went up to her and told her something along the lines of “I’ve never disliked you, but I always got the impression from Terry that you hate me”. She replied something like “No, I like you!” and hugged me. Mega confused, I said bye and went to dance with Vil and his cousins. We danced a lot all night, was really fun, and Alice and T came over and danced too later. Meanwhile I’m getting really paranoid. Oh well.

We didn’t get a taxi home this time, instead decided to walk. As we passed Tesco we went in and Vil bought some water. Then before I knew it I was home and said bye to Vil.

The next day, Vil texts me saying Alice rang him and invited Vil, me and Diana out on monday. No idea why she invited Diana and not the others, and NO idea why I was invited. Vil said “she said she likes you”. Well, I know Terry hates me talking to his friends – last time I talked to one of his friends he slept with her. So obviously I’m paranoid, and feel like I’m being set up. Oh well, will go and see what happens. Really hope its not a cruel joke or something. I haven’t spoken to Terry all weekend now. Neither of us is texting eachother. Should I?

Since then, I’ve just been moping around at home. Drew some pictures for my deviantART page, if you want to check that out my username is “webbunny”. Will let you know what happens on Monday.. I’m petrified lol.

– Shaun

Drink count:
2 x vodka & redbull
1 x triple vodka & redbull
1 x quadruple vodka & redbull
1 x vodka aftershock (shot)
1 x ~triple rum (wray & something) (shot)
1 x smirnoff ice

think thats it! God, I’m an alcoholic lol! And now have NO MONEY!! Am so broke.

2 responses to “Another great nite out

  1. Dear Shaun,

    I’m hoping Monday night went well for you. Vil would have been with you and he sounds like a good mate and I’m sure he would be looking out for you. It is bizzare that there are three cousins and only one gets invited out ??? that doesn’t make any sense!!!

    Terry – I’m baffled! You seem pretty low om his list of priorities. It’s a blow he can’t be as honest with you as you are with him. I get the feeling he is fairly insecure with himself and that’s no good for you or him. In his defense however – it would be difficult to have a relationship with someone who publishes a diary on the web – especially if you are as insecure as he appears. I applaud you for the honesty of your blog – you sound like a great guy – and life can only get better for you because of it. Terry – he has a bit of work to do.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things work out the way you want them to!!! Love Mia x

    PS Firefox is going great – I’ve downloaded web browser and the best screen saver!

  2. No Monday night did NOT go well, as I will soon post.

    And yes Terry has mentioned that he does not like me writing in my blog, but I don’t like so many of the things he does; why should I change if he’s not willing to? And this does not affect him.

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