The Lunch Bunch


Didn’t post anything yesterday cos was out all day!

Met Katie in town at half 1, first I had to sort out my savings account (got a FlexAccount now, so can take money in and out and still earn lots of interest. Mum won’t let me touch the savings though lol, although I might need some of it to pay my rent). We then went to the globe for dinner.

Katie told me she saw Terry in the globe the night before (he was in there with a friend, which pissed me off cos he didn’t meet with me cos was going out with a mate. Why couldn’t I be invited?!) apparently he didn’t say hi to her, and she was not impressed by that lol. But she told me he may not have seen her, so nothing to fret about. She didn’t want to be involved in our arguing tho (even tho she very much is) and just wants to get on with both of us! Fair enough!

We ordered some food (I had Chicken Pasta Alfredo or something – was nice) and sat and chatted until it came. Kayleigh (is that how you spell it?) was working there, and as she gave us our food I had a little chat with her. Katie and I ate our food, talking about the usual random stuff we talk about, then along came Annie. We all chatted (I made my best efforts to talk to Annie – katie always says I go quite when she’s around, but its because until the past few weeks I’ve only ever spoken to her when I was drunk! except for at school years ago of course). We soon left the Globe, and went around town.

Spent the rest of the day going round town, window shopping, stopping and chatting to people we saw. I saw Kayleigh leave work later on, and had a chat with her about my uni and what she was doing next year, was good to speak to her again (used to work with her, then always chatted to her on the way to school). Katie and I noticed we were both very white, and decided we should go on holiday together some time “Just us, no-one else to get in the way, and lots of Sangria!”. Not likely to happen any time soon though, given my current financial situation.

Annie once again brought up giving me a “gay makeover”, and made Katie and I “pinky promise” that we would go out and do it some time. Mum said she might give me some money when she comes back from holiday to buy some clothes with, so we said we’d do it then. Could go to Cambridge or something, would be wicked.

We went to Matalan to speak to Neil and Ashley (they wanted to use Neil’s car to go to the beach that night), was really hot in there (even hotter than it was outside!) so we didn’t want to spend too long in there. Was funny when Annie asked Katie “Do you ever actually buy anything from here?”, “Nope!”

Then we sat on a bench in the park waiting for the time to come that Katie’s mum would finish work and drive us home. I’m sure this account of what we did sounds rather boring but was pretty fun! LOL.

I got home about 6, didn’t eat much of my tea (was not hungry) and then spent the rest of the evening just watching TV and texting people! I hate having limited free texts because I always use them all up by the end of the first couple of days lol, was texting Terry (even though he hardly ever replied), Alex, Darryl and John. Seeing as they all texted back pretty much straight away, and we sent lots of texts, I’m sure I’m well on my way to using up all my free texts 🙁 then I’m back to not being able to use my phone! Argh!

Seeing Terry tonight. That’s about it!

Oh, and there’s a new file on the dropload -> it’s over there on the right! Get it quick!

I don’t give a damn what you do,
I’m goin ta get with you.
And that’s the way this night is gonna end.
You said you need some time,
How long does it take to see,
That we are more than meant to be
And now you’re driving in your car
But you won’t get far
Cos’ your car is shit

I’m calling you at 3am and I’m,
Standing here right outside your door
And I don’t think that my heart can take much more
I’m scared of cracking up again I just
Want it to be like it was before
‘cos I don’t think that my heart can take much more

Busted – 3am droploaded


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