One more chance?

OK, some people are going to think I’m really stupid for doing this but after talking on the phone with Terry for 4 hours, we have decided to give it another go. We’re not going to jump straight into it, going to try and get on as friends for a while first. I still have not forgiven him for all the things he’s done, but am going to try to. We have both agreed ways we need to change, and I am going to put my trust in him and give him another chance, after all I have always loved him. If he messes up again then that’s it, it’s over, but for now we can try and see if we can get it back to how it USED to be, right at the start of our relationship.

Also, I got a date for my operation today – its on the 11th August! Mum and Dad are on holiday then, and my Nan is away, so unless my sister can get the day off work I have no-one to go with! Scary.

Anyways, just trying to be positive!

Shaun xx

Feelin’ blue, while I’m trying to forget the feeling that I miss you.
Feelin’ green, when the jealousy swells and it won’t go away in dreams.

Feelin’ yellow, I’m confused inside,
A little hazy but mellow when I feel your eyes on me.

Feelin’ fine! Sublime!
When that smile of yours creeps into my mind

Nobody told me you’d feel so good
Nobody said you’d be so beautiful
Nobody warned me about your smile
You’re the light, you’re the light
When I close my eyes
I’m colour blind

You make me colour blind

Feelin’ red, when you spend all your time with your friends and not me instead
Feelin’ black, when I think about all the things that I feel I lack

Feelin’ jaded, when it’s not gone right
All the colours have faded, then I feel your eyes on me

Feelin’ fine! Sublime!
When that smile of yours creeps into my mind


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