Laptop frustration

Yikes, well after my computer started to slow down more and more, I decided to do something drastic and re-install Windows XP. Unfortunately, it turns out the XP disc Alienware gave me with the laptop is corrupted and does not contain most of the files 😐 so after messing up the computer, I used System Restore to get it back to how it was before, only now it has even more problems. So I am spending most of today partitioning and reformatting my laptop, re-installing windows, getting it good as new. Takes a hell of a long time though!! Also, PartitionMagic just crashed while it was partitioning, so that has not helped. Ugh.

I’ve backed up all I need to so think I will just reformat my laptop!! Drastic I know, but what the hell you should do it every year anyway it’s healthy (like a detox for your computer)

Sorry all these posts have been very technical lately, but thats all I’ve been doing! lol how sad my life is. Will post again tomorrow with an update

shaun xx

UPDATE: Should have picked “quick” Argh when choosing what option to use to format my partition, without thinking I selected the default. Its taken AGES, and this is the 5GB partition, not even my whole shebang. In future, pick quick always pick quick!!!!

UPDATE: Whats the point of it anyway? I did some research into WHY its taking so long (taking ages!), and turns out a “quick” reformat just marks all the sectors as empty, a normal reformat actually fills each sector with zeros, overwriting the data on there. Useful if you have top secret files or illegal pictures on there, but not very useful for me who is in a hurry. Gotta have tea now and its still going! Argh! Will just put it on the floor and leave it, lol.

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