Are you feeling lucky?

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Google never ceased to amaze me. I just recently found out that the Firefox Browser uses google search in its address bar – if you type something that is clearly not an address (e.g. “pizza”) then it uses Google to find the first match, and sends you there bypassing the results screen (like “I’m Feeling Lucky”) so in this case you get sent to Amazing!

Also, you can use this feature to create links which automatically use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” search. So this link will take you to our homepage, this one will seek out ShaunsSite, this link to GMail, this one to Microsoft Knowledge base. How amazing is that! Gets rid of the need for Bookmarks, as Google knows where all your favourite sites are!

EDIT: try searching the “I’m Feeling Lucky” search for: French Military Victories, Miserable Failure, Weapons of Mass Destruction

Totally unrelated is my success getting the site validated to STRICT HTML 4.01! So go on, Validate me! How exciting. You can also validate my CSS style sheet. My hard work pays off! Ooh, and my new site (will be up REALLY SOON I promise) also validates. And has no tables, only CSS. Wicked.

3 responses to “Are you feeling lucky?

  1. Good job. I never got a site validated, probably because my CSS sucks and I use too many tables within tables within tables within… u know what i mean lol

  2. Hey Mia I don’t think I have replied to your email yet – I did get it, but just haven’t had time sorry! Thanks for commenting, Will relpy to your email as soon as I get my computer sorted out (see next post..). Glad you prefer my blog to Big Brother! hehe x

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