I’m posting at the ridiculous time of 3am to simply say it looks like things with me and Terry are good again now. Most of what was said was completely far-fetched/a lie (which he admitted to in a phone call – he may later take it back, who knows) and I should be seeing him sometime near his birthday.

He told me to write something sweet about him, without mentioning him, on the blog and then he would comment – taking back all the stuff he said. Well one way of writing sweet things about him without mentioning, he said, was to say that I broke up with Terry and got with someone new, say “Jack” and then describe how great this “Jack” is. I don’t really see it working but here goes:

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3:05am, 16 May
I broke up with Terry today and got with ‘Jack’. Known him for years as he was a friend of my ex who secretly fancied me (well, not very secretly, we both fancied each other but it seemed that the only people not to know was me and T- er … Jack), been going out for over 10 months now (despite the fact that I only met him yesterday) and have lots of plans for the future. Am planning on moving in together not because of the huge step it represents, but simply as a way to stay together for the next 2 years because long distance really isn’t our thing. If it DOES lead on to huge steps in our relationship then yay! But if not then we’re just a couple of roomies who go out together 🙂 altho I really do feel like I want to spend the rest of my life with him. It feels like I’ve spent most of my life with him already! And I’ve only known him one day (LOL this isn’t making sense).

It’s Jack’s birthday at the end of May so I’m going home sometime to see him (not sure if actually ON the birthday because I still have a communication problem with his friends who I will no doubt see if I go out with him on his birthday, also he shares a birthday with her) which will be very cool because I haven’t seen him in what seems like forever, probably amplified by the difficulties we’ve been having. Once I’m back at home with him coming over it will feel better again like old times. I lie there waiting for him to come over, usually watching TV, reading a book or on my laptop. Then I hear the tell-tale handbrake scrunch and I rush down the stairs to try and open the door before he pushes the bell (I’ve been doing that with him for as long as I can remember, I have no idea why). We have a little hug in the hallway then a chat and another day of seeing Jack begins. Can’t wait.

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Anyone entirely confused by those paragraphs, hover your mouse here. Yes I’m very confused about the whole thing too, it’s too late to be writing all this identity crisis stuff.

Hope that is enough in his eyes to show that Jack and I are very happy together, and that he oughta post on here taking back the things he said.. to clear the air.

Oh and the anonymous post which really annoyed me was probably posted by Jamie T.


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  1. The comment I just deleted was Mark’s. Nothing to do with Terry or his friends.

    You really don’t get it Mark. I didn’t split up with Terry, I wrote that because he doesn’t want me talking about him and yet he wanted something sweet.

    What you wrote was not appropriate and I really don’t think I want you commenting again. So don’t.

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