At Home

Been at home for almost a week now. So far I’ve seen Terry every day 🙂 although think I’m not seeing him tonight! Was gonna go out tonight for my birthday, but some people still not back from university, so might just go out next week. Got 10 free-entry tickets to Zoots next Friday, and free bottle of bubbly! Coolies.

Went to the Hospital the other day about my stomach – it’s been over a year since it started hurting and finally something is gonna be done about it. Unfortunately, it’s surgery! 🙁 so sometime after the exams, gonna have my stomach cut open for “exploratory surgery” to see what’s wrong. He also said they will cut the nerves in my stomach so I won’t feel any pain anymore – I won’t feel anything there anymore. Needless to say this is worrying me slightly!! But I guess no pain is better than living in pain for the rest of my life… eek.

Got Broadband at home now, altho BTYahoo is SHIT! Fills your computer with junk, and has totally messed up the browser. I made the mistake of installing it onto my laptop so I could use the broadband on there – gonna do a rollback later today, IE is totally messed up.

My birthday on Monday! Looks like I’m not getting a DVD-Writer after all, too expensive, altho Mum’s gonna give me money for my birthday and said I could get some more money out of my savings account to buy one. I really need one to free up some space on my laptop! Got loads of films would love to put on DVDs.

I’m just on here killing time really, making a few CDs for Vilius – it’s taking ages. *wants a new laptop already*

Saw Jaimie 2 days ago, we went round town. Haven’t seen her in so long! So we both had a lot of insulting to catch up on lol. Was gonna buy a new earring but couldn’t decide which one to get – so indecisive! Then the next day (yesterday) I went round Anna’s for lunch, we watched 4 disney films hehe. Lilo & Stich, The Lion King 2, The Little Mermaid 2 and Sleeping Beauty! Was a lot of fun and good to see Anna again after all this time!

Anyway, gonna go kill some more time.


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