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Went to Cheezy tunes as usual on a Friday night! Am writing this at half one in the morning :). The LAN has started without me, as I have a life, so Dan and Beaz are at there with ALADDIN!! The one film I really want and couldn’t get before and now they have it and won’t share πŸ™ oh well will go there tomorrow afternoon!

Cheesy was good but wasn’t drunk enough so the songs I weren’t too keen on felt like a chore to dance to. When one of my faves came on tho I would groove away LOL. Got quite sentimental when they played the Weathergirls, It’s Raining Men, yes I know it’s an old gay favourite but I remember back from the leaving Disco when I danced to that with Anna! Was after coming out and finally being happy then everything changed again. I really miss Anna and all the others!! Hopefully she’ll come out to Katie’s birthday.

Then got emotional again when they played Especially for you with Kyle and Jason. Not because it has any special meaning or anything but everyone was coupling up and getting all lovey and I missed Terry! After a count of three everyone go awwww

Whatever happens in life, whether we do move in together and eventually get “married” (as Terry puts it) or if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason (can’t think of any right now tho), I will always love him. He means so much to me, and has really shown me what true love is. Look at me I’m getting all soppy in my old age. Speaking of which, I’m nearly 19! That’s so scary.

Shaun x

Remember the first day when I saw your face
Remember the first day when you smiled at me
You stepped to me and then you said to me
I was the one you dreamed about
Remember the first day when you called my house
Remember the first day when you took me out
We had butterflies although we tried to hide
And we both had a beautiful night

The way we held each others hand
The way we talked the way we laughed
It felt so good to find true love
I knew right then and there you were the one
Destiny’s Child, Brown Eyes

So corny I know!!! πŸ˜›

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Awwww… But the getting older thing isn’t that scary really… You’re having fun in life, and experiencing a lot of things… Thought I’d comment, since no-one else does, and ‘cos its been a while! Anyways, you don’t look like 19…

Nick [[email protected]] β€’ 02/02/04 09:53am

YEah it sure has been a while lol. No apparently I could pass off as a 16 yr old lol. That’s not good. Always getting ID’d. Grrr.

Shaun [shaun[at]shaunssite[dot]co[dot]uk] β€’ 02/03/04 09:48pm

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