“Snow Day 2004”

Why does snow make people do silly things? At 9pm this evening I found myself standing out in the snow with Laura, Jenny Greg and “Evil” Dave. Jenny, Greg and Dave had baking trays at hand, ready to sled! Random!

All the photos Laura and I took turned out pretty crap, take a look at these. Laura and I basically followed them around and talked. I complained a lot. Normally, I’m never cold – ask anyone I go out with at night, I just wear a tee-shirt on the coldest of nights. But snow is my arch nemesis, it somehow makes me freeze! I will never understand people who run around hurling snowballs and sledding – it’s just too damn cold. Jenny helpfully commented “It’s snow. It’s meant to be cold, that’s kinda the point”. And Dan said “They can put a man on the moon but they can’t make warm snow”.

Enough whining! Here are pictures! Altho they didn’t come out well in the dark…

(sorry, pics are not on the new site)

Conclusion: Snow is nice to look at but too damn cold. Watching Fat Friends now 🙂


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