Back at uni, all alone…

Well, have been back at uni since Sunday lunchtime! Not only am I the only person in my flat, I’m the only person in my whole house, possibly even the South Courts LOL. This morning I had a long chat with the cleaner, she told me there is hardly anyone back yet, I’m only here early because I have exams on Wednesday and Thursday.

Dan is here too (he drove us here) so we took the opportunity to play Dance Mat, EyeToy, Animal Crossing and lots of games really loud lol, been stomping on the dancemat and no-one to complain it’s been really fun! I’m liking the dancemat a lot more now on my hard floor, cos it wasn’t very responsive on soft carpet at home! And I wondered if Eyetoy would be less fun to play on a smaller TV but it’s not šŸ™‚

Animal Crossing is VERY fun to play, I haven’t missed a day yet šŸ™‚ if you’re wondering what it is, click this link, buy the game and you will be hooked! LOL.

Nice to see people are actually commenting! LOL altho some “annonymous” posts are rather strange. I’ve had guest-commenters such as Matty Lennox and Maggie! Yay! LOL. Every day I find someone new on faceparty or MSN who has been reading my blog, they just start talking to me and know everything about me while I know nothing about them, it’s quite freaky šŸ™‚ but that’s what these things are all about!

EXAMS! Argh so worried about failing lol especially as because the coursework was SO easy (we thought) I didn’t really seem to learn much.. but should do OK, afterall I only need 40% to pass, already have a guaranteed about 25% in each subject, and the mark doesn’t carry on to next year so all I have to do is scrape by and they will never mention it again. Random!

Terry has a new job! He’s now working in the lattice, our favourite pub! Was chatting to Katie online, she was telling me about how he served them, and he messed up the till lol. Only problem is there’s a rule which says he can’t go into the pub as normal cos he works there! It’s our favourite pub! But apparently the rule might be changed on Wednesday, so let’s hope it is. Otherwise we’ll either have to go out without him (not gonna happen) or get a new favourite pub! LOL.

My room is SUCH a mess, still haven’t really started unpacking. My new year’s resolution is to be more tidy as well… and I was really motivated until I started playing games lol. I think my second new year’s resolution should be to stop saying “LOL” so much, it’s true I say it all the time in chats, on my site, and I sometimes almost say it in life! LOL! Oops there I go again!

OK, my third new year’s resolution is to FINISH THIS BLOODY WEBSITE, there’s still the pictures section to complete, let alone all the other random stuff. I just never seem to have the time (or do I waste the time I have?) honestly, my last web design (SS V.6) had much more stuff on it! Grrr..

Also, have been told to put some more pictures on … well they are like a year old, I guess. But I have to put in a lot of JavaScript code to make them pop up in little windows.. I can’t be bothered lol. Will do it tomorrow.

It’s late, got some heavy-duty revising to do tomorrow, so I had better be off. Ciao.

– Shaun


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